Bangoya @ Jaya One

August 3, 2013

With a tantalizing tagline that promises "Grilling Under The Stars," Bangoya opened this month in Jaya One, revealing itself to be an alfresco izakaya on an atmospheric rooftop meant to evoke a sake-garden setting.

Kushiyaki skewer-grilled & Yakiniku barbecued meat represent the terrific temptations of Bangoya, which supposedly translates into "night hut," run by the masterminds behind Kissaten.

Snatch a seat at a recycled pallet table & let the evening heat up, though heaven knows whatll happen if it rains.

Plenty to order (but be patient while waiting): RM4++ sticks of chicken liver, bishops nose, gizzard, wings, skin & meatballs, salted or teriyaki-style ...

... plus pork belly & prawns, all irreproachably prepared.

For folks prepared to sweat it out, the DIY charcoal-stove selection is value for money.

We over-ordered in our enthusiasm: Pork belly, ribs & miso-marinated meat (RM10++ each) ...

... plus lamb (RM15++), beef brisket (RM20++), tongue (RM18++) & Aussie sirloin (RM18++), as well as squid (RM20++), shishamo (RM3++) & corn (RM5++).

The fun wanes after five minutes of intensive labor, though the meats beautifully flavorsome.

Love the Motsu Nikomi (RM10++), a big bowl of intestines, tripe & other glorious inner goodness.

Also delicious: Halibut teriyaki (RM10++), tasting closer to cod fish than usual.

With great protein comes great responsibility to consume veggies: Heaps of fiber in the cucumber, bitter gourd, onion & cabbage salads, plus helpings of Hiyayakko tofu & edamame.

Bangoyas cocktails are cute, but more pretty than potent for RM15-RM18++.

Minty lime shochu, kiwi shochu, orange juice ume & lemongrass lime sake.

All in all, a good set-up for folks who enjoy outdoor eating. Could become one of Jaya Ones biggest attractions in ages.

Bangoya serves no desserts, but no worries: Take the elevator down to The Bee, which might still have stocks of recent limited-edition ice cream flavors by The Last Polka, including the Kuah Jenhan peanut butter & jelly flavor with brownie chunks & Wonderland caramel base with walnuts & black pepper brittles.

Bangoya by Kissaten,
L12A-1-1, Palm Square, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.
Open daily 6pm-midnight. Entrance through Kissaten.
Tel: 03-7954-1990 (Kissatens number, actually)