Bandariya @ Solaris Dutamas

July 28, 2010

A frugally furnished outlet at Solaris Dutamas, with lots of natural light. Service is enthusiastic, and several staff members certainly qualify as eye candy.

Village chicken (ayam kampung) is the specialty here. We received a freshly fried batch, crispy and piping-hot. Of course, this wasn't as meaty or tender as regular chicken, but it was still _ to borrow a phrase _ finger-lickin' good (thanks perhaps to secret herbs & spices?).

Daging cincang. Melt-in-the-mouth bits of beef and unidentifiable organs, swimming in subtly sweet curry. Superbly addictive.

Daging kerutuk. This, however, was terribly tough. A pity, since it was tasty in its own way.

Sayur dalca. Basically lady's fingers in extremely oily curry? Not the healthiest way to consume veggies, but we nevertheless finished every soft, juicy slice.

All the curries went really well with the fragrant, nicely cooked rice.

Sambal belacan. Perhaps the spiciest we've ever had; we were sweating like crazy while eating this. Still, it wasn't as flavorsome as the ones I recall from my Malaccan childhood.

Bandariya Ayam Kampung,
Solaris Dutamas.