BaliFeel @ Bangsar South

May 7, 2010

Balinese restaurants are springing up all across the Klang Valley; thankfully, there haven't been any really terrible ones so far.

Kenangan BaliFeel, the basic rice platter, comprising nasi uduk, sate lilit, cumi-cumi, lalap, sambal & chicken wing. Looked less lavish than the spreads at outlets such as Ole-Ole Bali, but it hit the right marks: the rice was warm and moist, the sambal was fiery, and the accompaniments were flavourful enough to make us finish everything.

The menu listed this as ayam penyet, but it seemed like regular grilled chicken. No complaints; the meat was succulent, well-marinated and piping-hot.

Lele Penyet (fried flattened catfish). Fresh and tender.

Tofu, tempe & egg. Not flattened, despite what the menu promised.

Es Teller. Packed with watermelon and other fruits in syrup.

The Sphere, Bangsar South.