Bakever: Burnt Cheesecake Deliveries

March 4, 2021

Creamy, dense, decadent - the words that describe Basque burnt cheesecakes at their best apply to Bakever's rendition. Even just slicing the cake reveals how moist and tender it is, tempting us to lick the knife. 

Baked fresh daily with halal imported ingredients, the custardy richness of the cheesecake is buoyed by hints of bitterness in its exterior, easily satiating cravings for this much-desired dessert.

Bakever recommends refrigerating the cake in its original box to maintain taste and texture. The cheesecakes are best consumed within three days.

A six-inch burnt cheesecake clocks in at RM88, with a RM12 delivery fee for the Klang Valley. Delivery is free for orders of at least two cakes. Orders must be made at least two days before the delivery date.

Many thanks to Bakever for a beautiful cake.

WhatsApp 018-350-5994

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