Badaya Korean @ Desa Sri Hartamas

July 19, 2013

Hidden on a Hartamas shop-house first floor, heres a Korean restaurant with a difference.

 No BBQ meat on Badayas menu; instead, expect stranger specialties like what some might call a fish reproduction soup (RM35 before taxes).

 This tangy broth brims with not only the roe of female fish but also milt, the sperm-bearing white reproductive glands of male fish, tasting like buttery brains.

 Next up, another fiery-red stew, bearing a delicacy that might also prove an acquired taste.

 Spicy gelatinous chicken feet, a whole pot of em, chopped & roasted. RM30.

 Less threatening-looking, these fritters. No prizes for guessing whats battered within. 

 Oysters, fresh & juicy. Ten of them cost RM40, a not-bad bargain for these inflationary times.

 Love Badayas banchan side dishes, especially since theyre egg-filled, of the sunny-side-up chicken kind & the hard-boiled quail sort.

 Kimchi daikon, crunchy carrots & more; enough to keep us satisfied, really.

 Cool liquor too: Baekseju, the Korean ginseng-laced "hundred-year wine."

Badaya Korean Restaurant,
15, 1st Floor, Plaza Crystal Ville Center, Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.