Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall

September 1, 2009

Bad Ass Coffee has several things going for it: a catchy name; a cool setting with mellow Hawaiian-themed music floating from the speakers; friendly, witty staff members and gourmet coffee that tastes pretty good even to someone like me who isn't a fan of caffeine.

Alas, food isn't its forte. The mahi-mahi fish burger sounded like a unique option but the fillet was rubbery & too processed. More of an artificial fish cake than a natural-cut fillet.

Loko Moko, a Hawaiian favorite of beef patties with rice, eggs & gravy. Tasted as tragic as it looked. The eggs were overcooked, while the beefballs were tough and chewy. Someone could whip this up with leftovers from the fridge.

Dry, bland, cheese cake stick. Wonder how long this sat on the display counter.

The coffee here is the saving grace. Both the Bad Ass Mocha latte (with a mix of dark and white chocolate) and triple-shot espresso were rich, intense and distinctively aromatic. Definitely worth a try.

Bad Ass Coffee,
Tropicana City Mall.