Baci Italian Cafe

July 12, 2011

One of the first eateries to plant a flag at CITTA, a new strip mall that has struck a chord with Ara Damansara's residents who now flock here for fun meals.

Baci is run by the restaurant empire responsible for familiar names like The Apartment, Malones, Italiannies, Market Hall & Bedroom. It's no surprise that eating here is a hit-or-miss affair, reminiscent of our experiences at those other outlets, where delicious dishes share the menu with dubious ones.

Bresaola, feta cheese, rocket & avocado panini. A convenient snack, with fairly fresh ingredients. We might have appreciated a more substantial filling and a toastier feel for the bread, but for only RM14.90, it's not a rip-off.

Aglio olio with whitebait. Somewhat interesting, thanks to the tiny, slimy fish. Customers seeking something simple to satisfy their pasta cravings will be pleased to hear this costs a mere RM12.80. Prices are nett for now.

Chicken, wild mushroom & gorgonzola cheese pizza. Skip this; the crust is too thick and doughy, while the toppings seem similar to what a fast-food outlet like Shakey's might serve. But again, the low expense is appealing: RM10.90.

Belgian chocolate & black sesame gelato (RM10.90 for two scoops). Frankly, the chocolate one feels like it came from a Wall's ice cream tub, while the sesame variety tastes too artificial (you'll find much better at a Japanese outlet like Coco.Tei).

Cafe latte & iced toffee frappe. Wine is expected to be available eventually.

All in all, it's a cozy, cheerful hangout that should work well for patrons who want to watch their cash, but the food still needs fine-tuning.

The calm before the crowds came. And when they came, they came in droves.

Baci Italian Cafe,
CITTA Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara.