May 16, 2011

In the beginning, this was MunchHaus, a European bistro. Then two years ago, Chef Max Chin took over the kitchen and turned the place into Max @ Ihaus.

Now, the restaurant has moved in a completely new direction and become Babylon, trafficking in Middle Eastern & Mediterranean fare, with Iraqi cuisine being the highlight.

Both indoor and alfresco courtyard seating are currently available.

They're alive! Choose a fish (or two) from Babylon's aquarium for your meal.

We picked a 1.5-kg trout-like whopper for our supper ...

... served on a platter scarcely 30 minutes later.

Cooked Maskuf-style, the most popular Iraqi way of preparing fish. It's sliced open lengthwise, sprinkled with salt & smoked on an open fire until flaky.

Moist and meaty, but extremely bony. All in all, a fair bargain at RM50 per kg.

Another Iraqi specialty: Tashreeb Lamb, featuring lamb shank in tomato stew with flat bread. Hearty and rustic; supposedly a centuries-old recipe.

Last orders are at midnight, so keep Babylon in mind for late meals in the city.

Jalan Jati, Kuala Lumpur.