Avocatier, Desa Sri Hartamas

November 23, 2018

By avocado aficionados, for avocado aficionados: KL's first avocado-themed cafe is all about the glorious green fruit. The pure pleasure of avocados can be relished in the avo baked eggs, featuring fresh-from-the-oven avocado halves crammed with runny yolks, lusciously creamy and flavour-packed (RM18). Avocatier relies on quality Australian avocados to build brunch favourites with an avo twist, replacing English muffins with avocados for a take on Eggs Florentine that we can easily endorse (RM24); for folks who can't get enough of avocados, it's a thrill to see the avo toast come with a double dose, mashed atop the bread and as a lovely whole rose on the side (RM24; brunch dishes are available 9am-330pm).

Beyond brunch, expect engaging experiments on Avocatier's evolving menu: Sourdough-breaded avocado wedges, crisp to the bite and lush to the chew, are an irresistibly addictive snack (RM20), while seafood pesto pastas and chicken burgers also enjoy the avocado allure - the former is coated in an avocado basil sauce (RM26) and the latter swaps bread buns for avocados (RM24). Desserts and drinks are avo-fied too; end with a finely tuned avocado cheesecake (RM12) and wash down your meal with an avocado smoothie, mixed with possibilities from bananas to berries, kiwi fruit to honey (RM10-RM18).

Fun fact: Avocatier's young founders are three Sabah-born friends whose current passion for avocado wasn't always apparent - in fact, one of them loathed avocados while growing up (!).


10-1, Level 1, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Open Mon, Wed-Sun, 9am-6pm.
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