Aunty Marina Mutton Recipes

February 23, 2021

Glutton for mutton? Aunty Marina Mutton Recipes offers deliveries of one meat and one meat only, in nearly 20 recipes that range from Irish mutton stew to Indonesian-Malaysian Minang-Style rendang kambing.

The potent mutton madness of the Irish Mutton Stew hits you with its scent as soon as you open the tub, swimming in a sweetly robust broth balanced out with potatoes, carrots and onions. 

If you like mutton, you'll likely love Aunty Marina's cooking, which honours the bolder, undeniably gamier depth of this oft-maligned meat and slow-cooks each batch to a tolerable tenderness, firm but not frustratingly chewy.

It might look red-hot, but the Kambing Rendang Minang Style is merely mildly spicy though still marvellously seasoned, santan-rich with plenty of fragrance and flavour, going great with the simplicity of lean leg meat and lots of rice.

Prices start at RM21 for 250 grams of bone-in mutton (70% meat, 30% bone) and RM28 for boneless mutton leg meat. Aunty Marina says its fare is halal, with no artificial flavouring, MSG or preservatives, and cooked to order.

Aunty Marina Mutton Recipes

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