Aokioki: Japanese donburi delivery with a tinned twist

July 4, 2021

Tin-king outside the box: Donburi delivery service Aokioki has a delightful way of delivering Japanese rice meals, packing them in cans that retain their heat long after the delivery is done. Even after you're finished photographing these cute, charming cans, the food inside remains tantalisingly hot.

Each can strives for satisfaction in simplicity. Immaculately packed, the Salmon Teriyaki Bowl showcases tenderly saucy salmon over fluffy Japanese rice, balanced with broccoli and hard-boiled egg - not a bad bargain for RM12.90.

The Seafood Fried Rice surfaces with fairly fresh, fleshy fish, large prawns and crab sticks, fried crumbly-crisp, blanketing buttery rice that's reassuringly clean-tasting and not greasy at all. 


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