Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Solaris Dutamas

October 16, 2012

Ante Kitchen & Bar is upping the pork quotient at Solaris Dutamas, supplying a viable alternative to The BIG Group's S.Wine for hog-hungry patrons.

Run by a team of twentysomethings with heart, passion and plenty of smiles, Ante is the spot for spending a relaxed evening; three hours flew by effortlessly here.

Ante's caveman-worthy pork ribs might rank among KL's most succulent, charcoal-grilled with hickory chips for a lick-your-lips flavor that'll stick to your fingers for hours. No fewer than three should share this RM70+ portion.

Pork burger (RM25+), featuring a beautifully seasoned patty that's partnered perfectly with a sweet-salty wheat bun. Fans of flavorsome burgers, this one's for you.

Our favorite so far: "Volcanic Sacrifice" (RM29+), a slab of sliced pork that tastes as juicily savory as steak, with a molehill of mashed potatoes overflowing with spicy-meaty "lava" sauce.

But not everything here's a bona fide hit. We'd skip the pork chorizo pizza (RM25+), which functions fine as a cheese-loaded bar snack but leaves little impression.

"Angry Piglets" (RM24+), spicy sausages with crispy bacon. What'll tempt us to return: Ante's soon-to-be-unveiled brunch menu, with sinful sensations like Eggs Benedict with back bacon, "Eggs in a Basket" with grilled bacon, plus buttermilk toast with _ you guessed it _ more bacon.

Ante isn't serving wine yet, so bring your own. Corkage might not be charged this week.

Currently open only for dinner, with lunch likely to commence by next week.

Ante Kitchen & Bar,
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Not exactly in Publika. Same row as Pappa Rich, facing the main road.

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