Allo Paris @ Ritze Perdana

November 8, 2011

Bon appetit! We can't make it to the Eiffel Tower anytime soon, but the iconic structure has come to us (sort of), courtesy of this apartment block restaurant at Damansara Perdana.

Allo Paris' food is of the fusion bent, but its low prices might be what customers love the most _ this linguine in a creamy, flavor-packed seaweed sauce with button mushrooms & broccoli costs a mere RM12.90+.

Breaded yellowfin tuna loin with ginger & wasabi sauce (RM15.90+). The Land of the Rising Sun's influence infiltrates many of Allo Paris' recipes, making us wonder whether the outlet might be more suitably named Bonjour Tokyo.

Peppercorn salmon with fennel salad, roast potatoes & yuzu beurre blanc (RM21.90+). This healthy hunk of fleshy fish shares the spotlight with superabundant shavings of fibrous fennel.

Chicken katsu with green curry & rice (RM12.90+). Essentially a deconstructed presentation of a familiar Japanese recipe, spiced up with a Thai twist.

Lamb loin, egg & yam puree, topped with parsley & caper sauce (RM24.90+). The ensemble sounds strange on paper but makes perfect sense on the plate somehow. It's culinary synergy.

The Eiffel Tower is ubiquitous here, embodied in artwork hanging on the walls & even this conversation-starter of a water bottle.

Erdinger & Budweiser beer. Wine will be available eventually, we hope!

Chocolate milkshake, pineapple juice; can't complain of thirst at this outlet.

Allo Paris is nestled next to a luxury car showroom; some automobile-watchers who head here might feel hungrier for hot wheels than hot meals.

Allo Paris,
Ritze Perdana 2,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana.
Tel: 03-7732-9909