All About Dat Moo: Beef Broth Bowl Deliveries

January 24, 2021

Beef buffs can lose themselves in the deep, dark decadence of All About Dat Moo’s signature beef bowl - slow-cooked brisket, tendon, tripe, tongue, lungs, lips and beef balls, brimming in collagen-rich bone broth.

The All-In Carb-less Set (RM22) is all the beef you need, and then some. 

The handmade beef balls stand out - densely fleshy, a blend of brisket and sirloin, chock-full of chomp-worthy bovine bodaciousness, all killer and seemingly no filler. 

But the offal is far from awful, all tender and some gelatinous, full-fleshed in their light, smooth texture and full-bodied with a rich, robust taste from the potent broth that's practically liquefied beef, cooked with roasted cow trotters. Balance out the broth with Thai-inspired chilli vinegar sauce to slice through its beefiness.

All About Dat Moo

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