Alexis @ Mid Valley

May 31, 2009

For previous review of Alexis, click here (Feb. 5).
Stumbling in too late, we missed the cut-off time for ordering main courses and settled for a limited selection of light bites.

Steamed garlic clams with chardonnay sauce. A generous serving, though there were a few clams that failed the freshness test.

Kalamata olives. Not a fan of olives (too much hassle), but these tasted OK.

Prawns in chilli-infused extra virgin olive oil. Deliciously dip-worthy.

Cheese platter. A decent spread of well-chosen cheeses; no complaints here.

Too little food, but we had our fill of booze, including a Bellini cocktail (champagne, peach schnapps) and Black Velvet (champagne, guinness).

Peach fix (vodka, peach schnapps) and liquid gold (tequila, orange wedge).

Bombay Alexis (bombay sapphire gin, citrus fruits) and Bloody Mary.

The Gardens.