Al-Amar @ Pavilion

May 8, 2009

Despite the sweltering heat, we perched ourselves on the open-air balcony of Pavilion's sixth floor for a bird's-eye view of Bukit Bintang.

Al-Amar prides itself on authentic cuisine whipped up by Lebanese chefs. 
This was our second visit here. The food is decent; since we're not big fans of Middle Eastern fare in general, don't let this lukewarm review deter you from checking out this place. 

The bread was fragrant, plentiful and seemed freshly made.

Tebleh Nayyeh (minced raw lamb mixed with herbs). Soft, creamy and subtle in flavour, but definitely an acquired taste. If you've had beef versions of this, you know what it's like.

Mankouche, a Lebanese pastry covered with thyme and olive oil. A bit forgettable.

Kefraya Les Breteches red wine and Lebanese arak (tasted like absinthe).

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.