Al-Amar: MIGF @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

October 18, 2009

Click here for previous review of Al-Amar (May 8).
Al-Amar's MIGF menu is the best value-for-money offer in this festival. For RM98++ without wine, you get a gigantic spread that could feed two or three.

These creamy dips were nearly enough to fill us up. Here we have the sensational Hommes Bi Lahme (mashed chickpea & tahina topped with butterfried meat & lemon juice), sinful Labneh Btoum (homemade Lebanese cream cheese mixed with garlic & olive oil) and satisfying Moutabal (mashed eggplant with tahina).

Lentil soup. A freshly made, piping-hot broth with lentils, potatoes and onions.

The Kebbeh Nayyeh (minced raw lamb with grinded wheat & herbs) is an acquired taste, while the Tabbouleh (tomato, parsley, onion, brown bulgur wheat, lemon juice & olive oil) was refreshing but unmemorable.

The pastry platter had one hit and three misses. We liked the Fried Cheese Rolls, but the Kebbeh Kras (minced beef meat stuffed in pine seed dough), Beef Sambousik (fried flour dough stuffed with minced meat) and Spinach Fatayer (fried flour dough stuffed with spinach and onions) were kinda dry.

Lamb sausages in spicy & non-spicy versions. Nice texture, but a tad too salty.

Mixed grill, comprising beef tenderloin, chicken breast, minced lamb and a jumbo prawn. Tasty enough, but not incredible.

Desserts were satisfactory. Sweet rose water & milk pudding with Lebanese wild honey, as well as crisp pastries filled with cream & topped with sugar.

We also ordered some Lebanese wine: the Chateau Kefraya rose wine...

... and red wine. Neither provided a positive impression of Lebanese vineyards.