Al-Amar Express

December 22, 2010

Buoyed by its success at Pavilion, Al-Amar has launched an "express" branch outside Fahrenheit 88, offering what could be considered a fast food version of Lebanese cuisine.

Steamed fava beans with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic & parsley. A surprisingly hearty, seemingly healthy recipe to warm and fill our tummies.

Minced lamb wrapped in bread with hummus, onions & pickles. Easy to eat, without the messiness of Western burgers and sandwiches. But then, this isn't half as satisfyingly juicy and flavorsome as a Burger King Whopper.

Baked eggs with ground beef, served in a hot pot. Playfully called 'Eggcellence' on the menu. Alas, we left the bowl covered with a lid for too long, causing the trio of yolks to turn hard instead of remaining runny.

Lebanese pizza topped with cheese & spicy lamb sausages (sujuk). Only recommended for those who prefer relatively thick crusts. Might have been more fulfilling with a more generous sprinkling of sausage slices.

Iced mint tea & date juice. Beer is available, but not any other booze.

Service is warm and speedy. Al-Amar Express closes at 3am, which makes it convenient for late-night snacks. Shisha is also supplied, naturally.

Al-Amar Express,
Fahrenheit 88.