Africano @ Kota Damansara

May 11, 2013

African food hasnt unleashed a culinary contagion in the Klang Valley so far, but if it ever does, we probably wont pinpoint the outbreak to Kota Damansaras Africano.

A Nigerian cooks in charge, assuring the authenticity of this egusi (RM5) mix of West African cucumber seeds, tomatoes, leaves & seasoning that tastes like scrambled eggs & spinach soup with curry. Oily but pleasantly flavorful.

Amala (RM20), a thick, sticky & misshapen lump of yam tubers that might taste like (depending on which of us you ask) cement paste or melted shoe soles.

Pounded yam, also an acquired taste, with slimy cow skin & spiky cow tongue.

Jollof rice (RM10), a heap of tomato rice thats less mouthwatering than it could be, with fried fish (RM20!!!) thats less fresh than it should be.

Okra-tomato soup. We considered also ordering goat meat, catfish & semolina paste, but realized that maybe African specialties arent for us.

8, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand, Kota Damansara.