786 @ Dang Wangi

June 9, 2012

This biryani specialist, barely a two-minute walk from my office, can be blamed for the post-lunch carb comas suffered by numerous cubicle slaves. 

Bright and casual, with service that's patient with inquiries and prompt with orders. 

Plenty to choose from, all day long, including curry-soaked meat and gravy-smothered veggies.

Warm rice that's moist but firm and fresh, electrified with sultry spices for an inimitable flavor.

Pleasurably creamy potatoes and precious peas to fuel our starch stupor.

Sure, we can nitpick _ the fried chicken's somewhat on the stringy side, but that's expected.

Meanwhile, the mutton's gamy, though our liking for this meat has always been low.

Since 786 isn't a dessert destination, sugar-seekers can stroll over to Sheraton Imperial Hotel's Toastina cafe to satisfy their sweet tooth (or savor a surprisingly luscious spinach quiche).
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Go nuts over something topped with hazelnuts ...

... or paved with pistachio mousse.

Feeling fruity? Here's something swollen with strawberries ...

... and another one primed for passion fruit.

Europe is represented by the Esterhazy torte, a buttercream-almond meringue layered cake named after a Hungarian prince ...

... as well as the French Creme chiboust, flavored at Toastina with mango for a tropical twist.

Classic cheesecake and red velvet, both more than competently prepared.

Macarons are available here now too; our favorite is the florally fashionable lavender, though others might prefer the banana or black sesame varieties.

Another addition at Toastina: bubble tea. Chatime has nothing to fear, but this is still a cooling treat for these heat-stricken times.

786 Authentic Pakistani Cuisine,
Jalan Dang Wangi (same row as Yut Kee), Kuala Lumpur.