2015 Menu: Interlude TTDI

May 16, 2015

Returning to Interlude: this Taman Tun Dr Ismail eatery has evolved over the past 18 months, expanding its repertoire from its initial emphasis on tapas to its current selection of hearty meals conceived with imagination & flair by chef-founder Rabindran.

 Start your feast here with a spectacular sight we haven't seen elsewhere: Interlude's Quattro Pork Pizza is a master-stroke, heaping four glorious renditions of pork on one pizza - succulent belly slices, crispy bacon, Chinese 'lap cheong' & Spanish 'chorizo' sausages. It's a pork-lover's fantasy pizza made flesh, blanketed with sweet-savoury meat, for two to share. RM28.

We're also in hog heaven over the sous-vide pork belly, slow-cooked for 17 hours - memorable slabs of swoon-worthy tenderness, spread over their herbaceous counterpoint of a gribiche-inspired sauce (RM36). And that's not all for fans of pork belly - you can also try crunchy cuts of belly roasted with Kilkenny beer glaze, served atop pickled cabbage julienne (RM20).

Don't skip the more familiar favourites, tackled with expertise here: Interlude's 'Ultimate Pork Burger' packs a flavoursome punch with its juicy patty enhanced with Guinness barbecue sauce (RM20), while the generously portioned grilled pork ribs with bacon mash & citrus coleslaw is likely to have you licking both your fingers & your lips in bliss (RM38 for 500 grams).

But even if you're not into pork, there are other reasons to head to Interlude - for healthy eaters, the lemon mustard chicken salad (RM16), flourishing with fresh leaves, manages to be both wholesome & reasonably tasty, while the roast chicken breast confit with mashed potatoes & chicken jus (RM30) succeeds in being much more enjoyably supple than ordinary breast meat.

A should-order for pasta devotees: We were pleasantly surprised by the seafood spaghetti, brimming with prawns, mussels & squid, soaked in a beautifully briny Nantua sauce that really rounds out each mouthful in a satisfyingly creamy fashion. RM30.

Desserts are relatively limited: There's cheesecake, but we prefer the sticky-sugary glass of caramel ice cream, date syrup, chocolate biscotti & pomegranate molasses (RM18). For cocktails, try the uniquely Malaysian-inflected Caribbean Cendol (RM26; cendol, Malibu, Bacardi White, coconut cream & Grenadine syrup) or the perk-me-up Angelique Martini (RM30; absinthe, vodka, red bull, blackcurrant syrup). Many thanks to the amiable Interlude team for their gracious hospitality here.

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50 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 4pm-2am. Tel: 03-7733-7119

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