Sardine @ Bali

January 19, 2018

Sardine is one of the most captivating restaurants in Bali's Kerobokan enclave, evoking the elements of traditional island living, with a setting of live bamboo and lily ponds looking over sprawling rice paddies. 

But the charm is more than superficial, underlined by the beautifully warm service here. As its name suggests, Sardine's forte rests in seafood, fresh from the fishing village of Jimbaran, paired with organic vegetables. Start with the, well, sardines - deliciously smoked and complemented with baby potatoes and chives in a sherry vinaigrette. Fish is also ideal for the main course, with the catch of the day grilled whole (irreproachable) and partnered with organic brown rice, vegetables from Bali's Begudul mountain site and sambal matah. 

Cocktails also showcase lots of finesse, with a few made with Balinese arak. Try the Arak Madu (arak with honey, lime and nutmeg) and Coconut Martini (arak with Malibu, coconut water, lime juice, delightful pandan 'caviar' and basil seeds).