Buffalo Feast, Nepal

March 11, 2019

Home-cooked feasts of wild buffalo are a tradition for festivals among Nepal's Newari people, the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. Buffalo offal are prized, spanning every major part - brains, eyes, lungs, blood, guts, penises, testicles, tripe bags stuffed with bone marrow, and much more.

The cooking is meticulous, with each part carefully cleaned, spiced and mainly either boiled or grilled.

Not for the squeamish? Somewhat - though there's no doubt this makes for a protein-packed, nutrition-rich meal.

What's impressive is how each part is prepared according to a distinct, different recipe that beautifully complements the specific taste and texture of every organ. Our favourite might be the terrifically tender brains, but the intestines run a close second in their juicy-crunchy savouriness.

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