Yoshiyama Ramen brings a Hokkaido brand's passion & prowess to PJ's Tropicana Gardens Mall

July 26, 2023

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When a respected Hokkaido ramen specialist launches its first restaurant in the Klang Valley, the result is a delicious destination for Malaysian fans of satisfying, slurp-worthy noodles in soulful, sip-worthy broth.

New in Tropicana Gardens Mall, Yoshiyama Ramen is a Muslim-friendly venue that provides a pork-free perspective to recipes from its original brand, Yoshiyama Shoten, one of Sapporo's most popular places for miso-based ramen.

Here, passionate chef Yagi-San harnesses over two decades of experience, preserving authentic flavours with white miso that's imported straight from Yoshiyama in Sapporo.

Yoshiyama Ramen's signatures include its Roasted Sesame Miso Ramen, aromatic in a rich chicken-based broth with chicken chashu, tempting all of us for a taste of distinctive Hokkaido ramen.

Look out for more Yoshiyama Ramen branches in the Klang Valley soon, with the next in Cyberjaya's Dpulze Shopping Centre.

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True to traditional ramen shops, Yoshiyama Ramen in Tropicana Gardens Mall is compact and fuss-free - its counter seats promise the perfect peek into the kitchen to watch your bowl being prepared. Fabulous for a fast, fulfilling lunch or dinner.

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The ideal introduction is the Roasted Sesame Miso Ramen (RM25.80).

The terrifically thick miso broth is potent and punchy, loaded with full-bodied umami in a hearty serving, studded with roasted sesame seeds that supply a fragrant depth.

Every part of this bowl is a pleasure - the noodles prove firm and springy, imported from Japan, while the house-made chicken chashu is chunky, savoury and tender. It all adds up to a confident, comforting ramen recipe that we'd happily return for, again and again.

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The Roasted Sesame Spicy Miso Ramen (RM29.80) marries the robust strength of the classic base with a sultry spiciness - feel the powerful burst of the miso first, then the spice kicks in for a tongue-tingling finish. Our choice for cold-weather meals when we're craving more heat. 

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The ramen is a complete feast on its own, but famished patrons can add sides for a princely-portioned set - crisp-skinned Chicken Gyoza (RM31.80 per set of three pieces with ramen), the leek-loving Negi Niku Gohan (RM32.80 per set) or Fried Chicken (RM32.80 per set).

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One of Yoshiyama Ramen's most unique offerings is the Roasted Sesame Fish Broth Miso Ramen (RM29.80) - this conveys the fermented flavours of katsuobushi skipjack tuna paste seasoning, lending luscious dimensions of smoked fish to Yoshiyama Ramen's most flavourfully resonant ramen. A lip-smacking seafood change from the conventional meat-based ramen broths.

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Beyond ramen, Yoshiyama Ramen also hits the spot for rice and dumplings. 

The Negi Niku Gohan (RM8.80) showcases the time-honoured staple of spring onion chicken rice, light and gentle for the taste buds, an uplifting meal if ramen feels too heavy for you, while the Shrimp Gyoza (RM18.80 for five pieces) is expertly executed, not greasy or stodgy, plumply stuffed with fresh shrimp.

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Yoshiyama Ramen
CC-K54, Tropicana Gardens Mall, Persiaran Surian, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 012-280-4470