Yookybites is back in 2023 with naturally wholesome mooncakes, with no added sugar in attractive gift boxes

August 10, 2023

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Searching for mooncakes with a more wholesome content, made with NO ADDED SUGAR?

Look for Yookybites, which returns this year with its range of premium pleasures with a healthier perspective, rich in natural ingredients.

In 2021, Yookybites succeeded in selling 10,000 mooncakes. Last year, it sold 15,000. We're hoping they'll reach a new record of 20,000 in 2023!

Yookybites' mooncakes are thoughtfully sweetened with isomalt, which is ideal for consumers who are careful about their blood sugar levels. Isomalt has a very low glycemic index (GI), far below other sugar substitutes, so it can generally be consumed by diabetics.

Yookybites makes no compromise for the taste and texture of its vegan-friendly treats. It uses completely pure lotus seeds for its paste, with no artificial flavouring or colourings. 

Explore Yookybites' 2023 range in gorgeous gift boxes that evoke lights and lanterns, like Stars & The Moon, Missing You, and Beautiful Moments.

Each box contains two flavours of mooncakes, such as Adzuki Oatmilk, Purple Sweet Potato Taro and Hazelnut Chocolate Lava.

Preorder by 27 August at RM82.60 per box (30% discount) or from 28 August to 24 September at an early bird price of RM94.40 (20% discount). Regular price starts from 25 September at RM118.

Want to try all six of Yookybites' mooncake flavours? Choose the Happiness Reunion box! Mooncakes will start shipping from 15 August 2023 - order online at yookybites.com

Two flavours:

Adzuki Oatmilk (170g): Red yeast skin with adzuki red bean, Olivia Lady (containing red dates, beetroot, cranberries and goji berries) and melon seed

Purple Sweet Potato Taro (170g): Purple sweet potato skin with taro, purple sweet potato and melon seeds

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Missing You 

Two flavours:

Mixed Nuts (170g): Traditional skin with mixed nuts

Azuki Red Bean (170g): Traditional skin with azuki red beans and melon seeds

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Beautiful Moments

Two flavours:

Hazelnut Chocolate Lava (170g): Dark chocolate skin with dark chocolate, dark chocolate lava and hazelnut

White Lotus (170g): Traditional skin with pure lotus and melon seeds

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Happiness Reunion 
All six flavours in half-sized bites:
Adzuki Oatmilk (80g) 
Purple Sweet Potato Taro (80g)
Hazelnut Chocolate Lava (80g) 
White Lotus (80g)
Mixed Nuts (80g) 
Azuki Red Bean (80g)

Preorder by 27 August: RM89, a 31% discount
Early Bird, 28 August to 24 September: RM99, a 23% discount
Normal price, 25 September onwards: RM129

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