YOMARO Frozen Yogurt brings Germany's fast-growing dessert sensation to The Exchange TRX in Malaysia

December 11, 2023

If you've explored The Exchange TRX in recent weeks, you've probably spotted an original brand that's new to Malaysia: YOMARO Frozen Yogurt.

Born as a simple stall in Germany's fashion-loving city of Düsseldorf in 2012, YOMARO has now embarked into Kuala Lumpur, promising a taste of the dessert sensation that has grown to 21 stores across Germany, from Bonn to Bremen, Münster to Meerbusch.

Fun fact: Malaysia is the first country in Asia chosen by YOMARO for its expansion!

We met with YOMARO's founder Matthias Rombey for an interview about what makes YOMARO distinctively delicious, plus a taste of its reduced-calorie frozen yogurt recipe, comprising less than a 1.5% fat content while remaining naturally rich in Vitamin B, protein and calcium.

Proving that Germany makes more than marvellous sauerkraut and strudels, YOMARO is a must for fans of chilled indulgences, topped with fresh fruits and purees with no added sugar - all the satisfaction, minus the guilt!

Read more below about YOMARO's plans, including further branches in Malaysia and even a future plant-based version for vegans!





Matthias' passion for frozen yogurt was sparked after he graduated from university, travelling the world with his backpack and discovering Asian desserts.

"Being inspired by the Asian culture in frozen yogurt, I brought back the experience to Germany and developed my own recipe of healthy frozen yogurt and started my first shop in 2012 in Düsseldorf," Matthias said.

"Thereafter in 2014, I started my franchise business in different parts of Germany," he added. "Now, after Covid became endemic, I felt it’s the right time to expand the business to Asia, and Malaysia is my first stop due to its strategic location."

Matthias assures Malaysians that YOMARO will open more outlets in other parts of Malaysia in 2024.

Explaining how YOMARO stands out, he says the brand's classic frozen yogurt is made in-house, with less than a 1.5% fat content, loaded with natural calcium, protein and vitamin B.


YOMARO complements its frozen yogurt with a wide variety of toppings, including fresh fruits, sauces and fresh fruit purees to choose from, depending on your mood and preference. 

"The credo is to convey the fun and joy of what we do to every single guest and friend of YOMARO," Matthias insists.

Moving forward in Malaysia, Matthias revealed that YOMARO plans to launch its frozen yogurt in a plant-based version that will be suitable for vegan patrons - true to the brand's motto, 'YOMARO is for everyone.'

"YOMARO stands for a healthy and stylish lifestyle, as well as celebrating life by enjoying our frozen yogurt without hesitation," he noted.

Asked what first-timers should try as an introduction, Matthias said the choice is clear. "It's definitely the original frozen yogurt, with a wide variety of fruit toppings and sauces to savour the freshness, without feeling the guilt."

"YOMARO’s philosophy is to embrace life with passion and to enjoy food while staying healthy," he pointed out.

Here's our personal experience with YOMARO!

It's fun to choose from 24 toppings, 3 hot sauces and 6 chilled sauces.

Current toppings include Kit Kat Matcha, Kit Kat Dark Kinder chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies, gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles, white sprinkles, Oreo, mixed nuts, walnuts, American cheesecake, chocolate granola, granola, raisins, melon, lychee, dragonfruit, watermelon, coconut flakes, coconut meat, pineapple and mango.

Sauces include chocolate, honey, caramel, strawberry puree, mango puree and passion fruit puree.

The Frozen Yogurt is available in small, medium, large and a takeaway extra-large size. 

To add to the variety, the brand also offers a bubble egglet waffle served with frozen yogurt.

YOMARO's ideal introduction is the Plain Yogurt (RM11.90 for small, RM14.90 for medium, RM16.90 for large). Each additional topping or sauce costs RM3.50.

You can also select YOMARO Specials:
Small Plain Yogurt + 2 toppings + 1 sauce for RM12.90
Medium Plain Yogurt + 3 toppings + 1 sauce for RM16.90
Large Plain Yogurt + 4 toppings + 1 sauce for RM19.90 

The Egglet Waffle with Yogurt is a playful contrast of the warm, crisp waffle with the cool, soft frozen yogurt (RM23.90, comes with up to 6 toppings + 2 sauces).

We enjoy the dense, creamy texture and tangy, uplifting taste of YOMARO's frozen yogurt. It's the perfect treat for hot, humid afternoons, waking up our palate instantly.

The Specials are a terrific bargain, generously loaded with toppings such as the impeccably fresh cuts of fruit, ripe and luscious, gorgeously complementing the frozen yogurt!

YOMARO Frozen Yogurt
L1.21, Plaza The Exchange TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur.