Yakiniku Tenshin: Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef A La Carte Buffet at Avenue K

December 14, 2023

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An eat-all-you-can extravaganza of Japanese A5 Miyazaki wagyu beef, served yakiniku-style for grilled satisfaction, and much more: Yakiniku Tenshin is a shining new star for Japanese food fans in the city centre, bringing a memorable feasting experience in Avenue K.

Patrons can explore a wide range of top-notch A5 cuts, perfectly sliced for smoky succulence. Also available for this decadent a la carte buffet are other wagyu wonders such as Wagyu Sirloin Nigiri, Wagyu Croissants, Wagyu Sando, Wagyu Cones, Hamburg Steak, Noodles with Wagyu & Caviar, Wagyu Namaharumaki and much, much more.

Seafood is showcased for this pork-free buffet too, with a stellar selection of Hotate Teppanyaki, King Prawn Cheese Yaki, Oyster Sashimi, Uni Tartare, Snow Crab Nabe and more. You can also enjoy a free flow of sake, beer and house speciality cocktails.

All of Yakiniku Tenshin’s wagyu beef is halal-certified.

Bring your family and friends - for its opening promotion, Yakiniku Tenshin now has a Buy 3 Free 1 and Buy 6 Free 2 deal for lunch and dinner, a bargain for buffet enthusiasts!

Make your reservations for these dining slots: 

Lunch (11am or 1pm): RM358+ for adults, RM188+ for children & senior citizens
Dinner (6pm or 8pm):  RM378+ for adults, RM198+ for children & senior citizens

Weekends & Public Holidays:

Lunch (11am or 1pm): RM378+ for adults, RM198+ for children & senior citizens
Dinner (6pm or 8pm): RM398+ for adults, RM218+ for children & senior citizens

Terms & conditions:
Only children from 3 to 11 years of age are chargeable. Children below 3 eat for free.
Senior citizens are individuals aged 60 years or older.
Buffet is limited to 2 hours per session. Dining session starts and ends following the reservation time, not time of arrival. Last orders are 1.5 hours into the session.

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Enter through the torii gates into this sumptuously striking space, captivating in crimson. Customers can watch the chefs prepare the produce in the open kitchen; alternatively, elegant private rooms are also available.

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Start your meal with the Yakinku Matsu - a gleaming, golden calf figurine that's layered with multiple Japanese A5 wagyu cuts, according to the availability of the season.

Our selection included Gooseneck Round (Sotomomo), D Rump, Top Round (Uchimomo), Chuck Short Rib (Sankaku Bara), Chuck Roll (Kata Shin), Short Plate, Knuckle (Tri-Tip) and Shoulder Clod (Kosankaku) - each cut is presented with grilling instructions, so that patrons can cook it to the ideal timing. The wagyu beef is beautifully marbled, luscious to the chew, with each cut conveying its own special character for taste and texture, from leaner slices to the fattiest, fleshiest choices, full-bodied in flavour and fragrance.

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Yakiniku Tenshin's a la carte buffet is more than merely yakiniku.

The kitchen is capable of numerous creative wagyu recipes, such as Sirloin Nigiri, Wagyu Croissant, Wagyu Sando, Wagyu Cone, Hamburg Steak, Noodle with Wagyu & Caviar, and Wagyu Namaharumaki, so that customers can relish the beef in classic and contemporary styles. Other choices include Wagyu Tataki, Wagyu Sukiyaki Style, Wagyu Katsu, Sunumono Wagyu, Wagyu Puffs, Wagyu Tartare, Wagyu Kimchi, and Wagyu Tofu.

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Don devotees will delight in the Wagyu Steak Don, Wagyu with Engawa Don, Hamburg Steak with Curry Don, Yakiniku Don, and Engawa with Uni & Ikura Don, 

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Even if you're not a fan of beef, rest assured there's plenty of seafood that shines at Yakiniku Tenshin - the Snow Crab Nabe is a pot full of steaming-hot crustacean comfort, while the Hotate Teppanyaki, King Prawn Cheese Yaki, Oyster Cheese Yaki, Oyster Sashimi, and Uni Tartare all spotlight various genres of Japanese gastronomy.

Note that the Special Nabes featuring Abalone and Snow Crab are limited-time offerings, so head to Yakiniku Tenshin as soon as possible to savour these.

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Round out your meal with a choice of chawanmushi - Kani Chawanmushi, Wagyu Chawanmushi, Uni Chawanmushi or Ikura Chawanmushi - and salad - such as Wafu Salad, Kani Salad or Green Salad.

Save space for desserts, such as the Raspberry Marble Mousse and other cakes, as well as Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 

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A free flow of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is included in the a la carte buffet. Sip on the house sake, beer, and cocktails like the Harvey Wallbanger and Rum & Coke.

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Yakiniku Tenshin
L3-14A & L3-14C, Level 3, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 011-3331-9089
Reserve your buffet slot through Inline