The Flour Chemistry

October 10, 2017

Gorgeously crafted with rock candy that resembles precious gems, geode cakes have become a popular novelty in the world of wedding festivities. But Malaysian dessert devotees can now enjoy these crystalline cakes for every celebration - birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, corporate events and everything in between - courtesy of home baker The Flour Chemistry, in a flurry of fun, fondant-coated flavours. 

These buttercream cakes will become the talk of the party, made with real butter for an assurance of quality, meticulously designed for maximum detail in its bejewelled exterior.

We sampled the apple spice cake, layered inside with multifaceted textures, adorned outside with teal quartz hues and gold leaf outlines, offering a dense, substantial bite and tasty, flavoursome chew. 

Other options include chocolate cake layered with peanut butter, cherry compote or chocolate ganache; vanilla cake layered with strawberry, blueberry or raspberry compote; mint vanilla or mint chocolate; lemon cake with curd; red or blue velvet, and chocolate chip vanilla, in various customised fondant and buttercream styles.

The Flour Chemistry's striking offerings extend to geode, agate sugar and royal icing marble-surfaced cookies too, great for gifting. Royal icing was piped on the cookies' surface, followed by hand-painting of different gemstone designs and colours for a natural look.

Check out facebook.com/theflourchemistry for ordering details. Thanks to The Flour Chemistry for this indulgence.