The Daily Coffee Hous: A new stop for a fast caffeine fix with waffles at KLIA2 Departure Floor

January 24, 2024

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Craving a caffeine fix before flying? The Daily Coffee Hous is KLIA2's new stop for a fast serving of coffee, tea, hot food and more.

The Daily Coffee Hous is conveniently located in KLIA2's freshly launched Food District, just a few steps from the Departure Hall, on the same row as Oriental Kopi and CU Mart.

Thanks to enthusiastic baristas with lightning-quick skills, each beverage takes merely a minute to prepare - so even if you're rushing for your flight, you have time for a latte here! Chocolate drinks and milkshakes are also available.

The Daily Coffee Hous takes pride in artisanal drinks at attractive prices, with coffee starting at RM9. For the opening promotion, enjoy a 50% discount off every second cup purchased!

Open starting 8am everyday, The Daily Coffee Hous is now our go-to before morning flights - we're particularly fans of the playful Iced Popcorn Caffe Latte!

Fun tip: For travellers with time to linger, you'll find lots of seats in Food District with a wide-open view of the runway with planes landing and leaving.

Bonus points: Also as part of The Daily Coffee Hous' opening promotion, passers-by can grab a complimentary cup of caramel popcorn while heading to the Departure Hall!

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The Hot Latte (RM13) is a fuss-free blend of Brazilian and Indonesian beans, a medium dark roast with chocolaty and nutty notes, buoyed by a subtle blueberry acidity. It's not too bitter, so it's easy-drinking, putting us in a good mood with a kick to keep us awake on early flights.

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The Iced Popcorn Caffe Latte (RM14) is a unique choice for the young at heart - gently sweet and savoury to channel the flavours of popcorn before finishing on the elegantly earthy taste of coffee. Other flavoured options include caramel, hazelnut, strawberry and vanilla caffe lattes.

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The Hot Matcha Latte (RM13) is freshly whisked to order with imported Japanese matcha, potently strong with a slight smokiness. Our best bet for an authentic taste of Japan to whet our appetite before flying to a Japanese destination!

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Feeling like dessert in a drink? Slurp on the Iced Belgium Chocolate (RM15), irresistibly indulgent with the luscious richness of Montenne-sourced chocolate, smooth and satisfying.

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For an even more delightfully decadent drink, the Belgium Chocolate Milkshake (RM14) beckons, crowned with whipped cream and a showering of chocolate sauce. Other milkshake options include mango, passion fruit and mango passion fruit.

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Tea lovers can sip on the Mango Jasmine Tea (RM12), soothing with a light tropical sweetness that enhances the tea's fresh fragrance. Fun fact: The tea comes from 1872 Clipper Tea, known as Singapore’s oldest tea producer.

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If you want a warm snack to pair with your drink, order the Waffle (RM7.90), crisply prepared to order, complete with a choice of chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce.

Note that The Daily Coffee Hous currently has an irresistible promotion: Buy 1 Waffle and get 1 FREE Coffee (terms and conditions apply)!

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Don't forget the free caramel popcorn - a thoughtful touch at The Daily Coffee Hous!

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Inside Food District at Level 3, Departure Hall, gateway@klia2 (same row as Oriental Kopi and CU Mart)

L3-33, 47, 48, 49, 50, KLIA2, 64000 Sepang, Selangor.
Open Daily, 8am-10pm.
Prices above are subject to SST.