The Baking Firm garners glowing verdicts for great service, gooey cheesecakes & other guilty pleasures

February 17, 2022

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Dessert devotees are in good company with The Baking Firm.

This homegrown enterprise has reaped raves from repeat customers since 2017 for its range of burnt cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, tarts and other irresistible temptations. It has also been handpicked by corporate brands to bring a scrumptious shine to special occasions. 

The secret to this sweet success? The Baking Firm's Subang-based founders - Neelia and Sanjiv - don't just craft delightful desserts. They infuse a genuine personal warmth to their business, striving to make every customer feel the love.

The two complement each other like chocolate and nuts. 

Neelia plays the role of head baker, while Sanjiv supplies synergy through his marketing and branding skills. Both emphasise exceptional service.

The Baking Firm's creations take lots of patience and experimentation to perfect - a task Neelia has never shied from. 

While pursuing her law degree nearly a decade ago, she simultaneously studied the art of baking by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and thumbing through her mother's 1960s-era recipe books. She persevered through early flaws and failures - such as frosting that dripped down her cakes' edges - to fine-tune her craft and produce lust-worthy desserts.

Sanjiv spotted the potential of Neelia's desserts while sampling them during a visit to her home during Lunar New Year celebrations. He helped her define her business and develop an ever-increasing market for The Business Firm.

Fun fact: After swapping a legal career for a culinary future, The Baking Firm's name is Neelia's inside joke that this is the only firm she will run.

If you're seeking a big slice of care and friendliness to accompany your cake, the verdict is in: The Baking Firm turns guilty pleasures into cause for celebration.

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Where to start? Fans love the Coffee Dream burnt cheesecake, with over 1,000 unanimously positive customer reviews compiled on The Baking Firm's social media accounts.

Elegantly gooey, exquisitely velvety, this is no ordinary burnt cheesecake.

The best-selling Coffee Dream is a fluffy fantasy come true, full-bodied with a blend of Italian mascarpone, cheese and vanilla bean sugar, potently infused with coffee for a strong caffeinated kick. The cake is captivatingly topped with whipped salted cream for an extra layer of lusciousness, showered with coffee powder for the final flourish.

The flavours are fabulous, but the texture is what stays with you, delicately light and supple enough that you could scrape this cake off with your finger without even needing a knife. Despite being incredibly indulgent, it's wonderfully balanced without being cloying at all, so you can easily polish off a plate of this cheesecake.



For more cheesecake comfort, the Classic Burnt Cheesecake and Matcha Burnt Cheesecake (with authentic Japanese matcha) are also sure-fire crowd-pleasers, with that rich, melty centre that rivals ice cream, starting from RM99 per cake.

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Beyond cakes, The Baking Firm's repertoire hits everything we need for oven-fresh fulfilment.

Brownie buffs will bliss out on the Walnut Brownies and Sea Salt Classic Brownies, both evergreen mainstays in The Baking Firm's stable for nearly five years now. 

For festive seasons, look out for specials spanning Pineapple Tarts to Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies to Fruitcakes. 

The Baking Firm's Pineapple Tarts merit a special mention - they're consistently a huge seller for Chinese New Year, so get your orders in early every year. These tarts are rich in French butter and pineapple jam made from 100% ripe, juicy Johor pineapples, lending them a light, natural tartness that's not sugary-sweet.
Liquor-laced cakes are also available - the Rum Tiramisu Burnt Cheesecake packs a punch, made with two types of rum for another original creation, its intense aftertaste accentuating the cake's smoothness with a bittersweet booziness, dusted with Callebaut cocoa powder.

Rest assured that The Baking Firm uses totally separate sets of pots, pans and cutleries for baking non-alcoholic and alcoholic products. 

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The Baking Firm also accepts the challenge of tailor-made corporate orders. 

In recent times, Warner Music entrusted The Baking Firm with Anne-Marie’s single release, creating cakes and cupcakes sent to influencers to mark the launch of her Birthday music video. The Baking Firm impressed the company and was commissioned for two more events, a Bruno Mars’ 10th Anniversary celebration and a single release by Sia.


Have a special event where you need customised dessert catering? Or planning a major delivery? The Baking Firm has the essential experience - for one Chinese New Year, it sent 150 orders across Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia on a single client's request.

No request is too big or too small for The Baking Firm. They try their best to be easy to work with, making the entire experience a pleasure from start to finish.

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The Baking Firm

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