Texas Chicken Malaysia surfaces with Crunchy Catch: New Fish Burger, Prawn Burger & other seafood sensations

October 10, 2022

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A new wave is rising at Texas Chicken Malaysia: One of our favourite brands for fried chicken is now set to be our next stop for seafood too!

Dive deep into Texas Chicken Malaysia's latest Crunchy Catch seafood delights, available for a limited time: Fish Burgers and Shrimp Burgers that represent the sweetness of the sea, plus Fish Fingers and Prawn Tempura that promise a juicy, joyful crunch!

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We all know that Texas Chicken Malaysia makes terrific chicken burgers, from its Spicy Tex Supreme to the Mexicana Burger.

But these Crunchy Catch burgers showcase a different, distinctively delicious side of Texas Chicken, proving that seafood can be as irresistible as chicken!

The Fish Burger is sandwiched with a thick, tantalising fish fillet, topped with tartar sauce and cheese in a toasted sesame bun - a chomp-worthy, can't-fail crowd-pleaser!

The Shrimp Burger features a fabulously breaded shrimp patty, fried to perfection, plumply layered with mayo, coleslaw, sliced tomato and tortilla chips for big bites of burger bliss!

The Fish Burger is available a la carte at RM9.25, or in a Regular combo with fries or crispers and a drink at RM12.35, or a Large combo with fries or crispers and a drink at RM14.15.

The Shrimp Burger is available a la carte at RM13.90, in a Regular combo with fries or crispers and drink at RM17.90, or a Large combo with fries or crispers and drink at RM19.70.

If you're snacking and sharing, check out the Fish Fingers, chunky with a golden-brown crumb that harbours moist, flaky-smooth fish, and Tempura Prawns, bursting with whole prawns in a light, crisp batter, both complete with a decadent tartar dip.

The Crumbed Fish Fingers clock in at RM10.90 for four pieces with one tub of tartar sauce. The Tempura Prawns are also RM10.90 for three pieces with tartar sauce.