Teppanyaki, yakiniku, or sushi & sashimi: Kampai KLCC offers 3 kinds of omakase experiences in 1 restaurant

March 9, 2024

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Springing up in Suria KLCC, Kampai is KL's first restaurant that offers three types of omakase feasts in one restaurant - select from teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi, or yakiniku.

Choose your own culinary adventure at Kampai: Each experience has its own dedicated space in a vibrant venue with ceiling-high, first-floor views of KLCC Park.

Watch Kampai's teppanyaki chefs showcase fiery skills with Hokkaido seafood in playful fashion; get an intimate glimpse of how sumptuous sushi is meticulously crafted; or marvel at how Japanese A5 Miyazaki beef is grilled to perfection at your yakiniku table.

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Freshly launched this year, Kampai is still one of Suria KLCC's best-kept secrets - find the entrance at the street level inside The Oriental Park restaurant or on the first floor in Isetan.

Our first stop is the teppanyaki open kitchen, where a cheerful brigade led by chef Saburo helms the long counter, with a spectacular wide-window scene of KLCC Park behind them.

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Catch all the action as the chefs toss their teppanyaki turners and tools. A special teppanyaki private room is also separately available.

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Fresh, naturally colourful produce forms the foundation of the Yamanakako top-tier teppanyaki omakase (RM698++), with the earth's bountiful harvest of seasonal vegetables brought to the table with artisanal allure.

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A trio of starters follows - true to the philosophy of omakase, the chefs rely on what's best each week, be it monkfish liver with ikura or beef rolled with kombu. 

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The nourishing Tea Pot Soup of the Day promises soulful sustenance, brimming with rich, clear flavours in every spoonful.

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Premium A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Sushi with Ikura proves irresistible with luscious, luxurious textures, melting in the mouth marvellously.

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The highlights of the teppanyaki omakase meal comprise Hokkaido-sourced seafood and Miyazaki A5 beef. The Steamed Grilled Lobster with Kampai Sauce is fleshy and juicy with a buttery, briny richness. 

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Grilled A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Beef wrapped with Foie Gras is a decadent delight - one of our favourite indulgences of 2024 so far.

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For steak enthusiasts, the climactic course is the pairing of A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Sirloin and Zabuton slices with Grilled Seasonal Vegetables from Hokkaido. Both cuts of beef provide a distinctive perspective, magnificently marbled, triumphantly seared on the teppan.

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The Kampai Signature Garlic Fried Rice elevates the conventional fried rice with a fragrant smokiness infused into every gorgeous golden grain.

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The teppanyaki omakase concludes with Seasonal Sorbet from Japan, a cool finish after the sultry heat of this meal,

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Other teppanyaki omakase sets are also available, such as the Motosuko Set (RM298++) with courses such as Two Kinds of Seasonal Seafood.

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Our next stop is the sushi room, where Osaka-born chef Ryusei works his magic on raw seafood at its prime. Various sushi and sashimi omakase sets are offered for lunch and dinner, starting from RM398, featuring multiple rounds of nigiri sushi, as well as seasonal appetisers, Hokkaido seafood sashimi and other specials,

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Each piece of sushi proves to be pure, pristine pleasure, from the fish to rice, impeccably put together for terrific tastes, textures and temperatures, spanning cherished classics like chutoro, madai and saba.

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Finally, explore the main dining hall, where the yakiniku omakase meals are served. This section boasts splendid sights outdoors, particularly of the nighttime fountain shows. Large private rooms are also available for celebratory occasions.

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The Kampai Yakiniku omakase set is available for lunch and dinner at RM398, comprising Artisanal Seasonal Vegetables, two kinds of Seasonal Starters, Thick & Thin Cuts of Beef Tongue (three pieces each), five kinds of A5 Miyazaki Japanese wagyu beef (two pieces each), A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Don, Zen Clear Beef Soup, and Seasonal Sorbet.

The Gyutan Yakimono is a delicious duet of thick and thin cuts of beef tongue, ideal for preparing on the yakiniku grill, resulting in a balance of a crisp bite and a succulent chew.

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The chef's selection of Yakiniku Signature Cuts yield five cuts of A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu beef, with two pieces each of possibilities such as sirloin, tenderloin, D-rump (ichibo) and chuck roll (zabuton), leading us on a journey through different parts of beefy brilliance, outstanding in tender smoothness, gently grilled to let the meat shine.

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Kampai KLCC
Lot 139, First Floor, Park Side, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur. 
Open Daily, 12pm-3pm, 6pm-8pm, 8:30pm-10pm. Tel: 016-425-7100