Tea+ adds artisanal allure to handcrafted tea creations in The Starhill's eslite spectrum

December 7, 2023

Nitrogen-infused tea in flavours like Yuzu Oolong and Roselle Hawthorn;  blooming flower tea that flows with the fragrance of carnations and chrysanthemums; tea-steeped food such as herbal tea eggs, tangyuan and mooncakes.

Tea+ is the ideal destination in KL to try more tea - whether you prefer it hot or cold-brewed, classic or creative, floral or fruity; whether you're a tea enthusiast exploring the ever-evolving world of tea or a newbie seeking an introduction to the latest tea trends.

Tea+ adds artisanal allure to handcrafted tea temptations at its two locations in The Gardens Mall and The Starhill's eslite spectrum. We visited the eslite spectrum branch to experience its current range, which includes food that's exclusive to this city centre venue.

Also keep an eye on Tea+ for its seasonal promotions of tea pairing snacks and desserts, available at both Starhill and The Gardens Mall, to enjoy special limited-edition treats!

Tea+ is warm and welcoming in eslite spectrum. Its friendly team will guide patrons through recommendations, offering notes throughout the brewing and tasting.

The mission is to showcase traditional Chinese tea in modern styles, making it playful and fun like contemporary coffee, to be enjoyed in multiple ways.

Nitrogen Infused Tea (RM15.90 for 12oz glass, RM18.90 for 16oz) is one of Tea+'s most unique offerings, creating a creamy smoothness with its frothy, foamy head that's surprisingly long-lasting.

Served on the tap, the nitro selection includes Honey Pu'er, Yuzu Oolong and Roselle Hawthorn. Each is worth sampling - the honey's nectarous sweetness balances the elegant earthiness of pu'er; yuzu lends a citrusy edge to the delicate botanic aromatics of oolong; roselle comes together harmoniously with hawthorn for a berry-rosy tartness.

The  Tea+ Premium Crafted Blooming Flower Tea (RM19.90) is a beauty - a lighter, relatively low-caffeine tea that's as popular for its floral taste as its blossoming aesthetic.

We adore the Autumn blooming flower tea, blending osmanthus with lily in a green tea base. Other options, inspired by the changing times and seasons, include Summer (jasmine and lily), Sunglow (carnation) and Sunset (jasmine, globe amaranth and chrysanthemum).

A champion choice for caffeine-sensitive customers, this promises a mild-tasting, visually mesmerising time while watching the flowers flourish and the tea take on a profound shade.

Also elevating the tearoom experience, the Tea+ Herbs Tea comes in combinations like Longan Red Date Chrysanthemum (RM21.90) - it's meticulously brewed for around 10 minutes, slowly stirring the longans, licorice, chrysanthemum and red dates for evenly nuanced flavours. This is a potent tea with a deep, dense richness, perfect if you prefer your tea to pack a powerful punch.



The Tea+ Classic Cold Brew Tea (RM15.90) is showcased in a variety of mainly whole-leaf versions, brewed for at least eight hours for its flavours to be slowly freed up and sweeter notes to surface. Sip and savour the entire repertoire to see how different and distinct each tea can be - the Jasmine & Rose Floral Tea is remarkably reviving; Lychee Black Tea is thicker and bolder; Long Jing Green Tea evokes an encounter with a lush meadow; Black Bamboo Orchid Oolong Tea embraces a mellow ripeness that soothes the senses; while Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea is vividly rewarding with an intensely complex aftertaste. 

Tea+ is completely alcohol-free and Muslim-friendly. It's consistently launching new concoctions like the Chajito Earl Grey Roselle Mocktail (RM15.90) - another eslite exclusive, the Earl Grey base is brightened with the plump perkiness of roselle. Fun fact: The ice is frozen with Earl Grey tea too, so the drink isn't diluted even when the ice melts.


Also currently only found at Tea+ in eslite spectrum is a menu of tea-infused food.

The Five Spices Herbal Tea Egg (RM9.90) is simmered overnight in black tea and spices - the result is tea that penetrates all the way into the yolk for a dark, divine decadence, seductive in its sensually smoky umami with notes of cinnamon and cloves.

The Rose Soya Tangyuan (RM15.90) supplies a sophisticated touch to childhood nostalgia - unsweetened soy milk and rose tea-infused roselle syrup is poured on sesame-studded glutinous rice balls for a luscious, lovable treat that patrons of all generations will relish.

The Tea Pudding (RM14.90) conveys a soft, silky character, a winter jasmine-infused pudding with blueberries that tastes as vibrantly lively, wholesome and rejuvenating as dessert can be.

L106 & L107 Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 012-946-3090