Tai Thong Malaysia: Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Set Menu Promotions 2018

August 16, 2018

By EDKL Writer A.A.

Twenty-four enchanting varieties of mooncakes, including six imaginative new flavours, plus two celebratory set menus for a marvellous meal: With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Tai Thong continues to ensure that this special occasion secures the significance it deserves, signalling a time of sharing sweet temptations with our loved ones.

It's that time of the year when mooncakes make their unmistakable mark: Tai Thong does a delicious job of offering both classic and contemporary creations, comprising baked and snow-skin renditions, all halal-certified to enable every Malaysian to savour these treats.

Tai Thong's 2018 debutantes include starlets like the Yuzu Black Tea, balancing hints of citrus zest with the bittersweet depth of black tea to satisfy mooncake-lovers of all generations (RM19.50 each), and the Snow Skin Chendol Coconut, which combines two Malaysian components in one memorably unique mooncake, bringing together an aromatic cendol-inspired paste with a coconut-flavoured centre for a fusion invention that won't be found in Hong Hong or Macau (RM19.50).

Other fresh-faced offerings comprise the Golden Phoenix (a winsomely complex trifecta of crunchy nuts, chicken bits and dried fruits) and the Crystal White Lotus Double Yolk (a decadent whammy of double golden egg yolks embedded in fragrant lotus paste).

Those two mooncakes are as part of Tai Thong's Premium Box (RM168), a beautiful two-tiered receptacle that's complete with bluetooth speakers, capable of use for jewellery storage with tissue box compartments. The Premium Box also includes two other new mooncake flavours, Emerald Custard (cendol paste with custard) and Aged Citrus Red Bean (red bean paste with aged tangerine peel), for a total of four mooncakes in the set.

Tai Thong's other mooncakes range from the baked Durian Emperor to the Snow Skin Musang King, alongside the baked Pure Pandan to the Snow Skin Pandan Single Yolk, and many more. 

Click here to view the full selection, which can conveniently be purchased at all Tai Thong restaurants, as well as through online orders on various platforms, as well as numerous hypermarkets nationwide.

Also in season are Tai Thong's two Mid-Autumn Sets, available through 30 September, showcasing a six-dish spread that's ideal for tables of six persons, coming with two complimentary mooncakes. 

Our set surfaced with a stellar Hot Plate Barbecue Seafood, brimming with Giant Grouper, Mud Crab, Sea Prawn, Scallop, Fresh Huai Shan, Fresh Bean Curd Stick, Fresh Pine Mushrooms, Fresh Abalone Cap Mushrooms and Coriander - truly the bounty of the ocean, served steaming with a choice of soup base, Shantou Salted Vegetables, Spicy Chilli, or Assam and Milky. The hearty seafood proved impeccable, with clear, vibrant flavours, rounded out with a soup that'll bring us back for bowl after bowl of nourishing sustenance.

The set keeps the hits rolling with the Charcoal Roast Sucking Piglet, a spectacle of crisply tender porcine pleasure, sheer bliss to crunch our way through, and the luxury-evoking Braised Abalone with Stuffed Fish Maw and Dried Scallop, each element a well-regarded symbol of auspiciousness, with an abundance of broccoli for a flourish of fibre.

The final savoury star is the striking Fried Rice, made extra-opulent with Black Truffle and Fish Roe, a textural triumph that elevates fried rice to the next level. The set, priced at RM598++, is concluded with Charcoal Buns with Durian and Salted Egg Yolk (robust and punchy) and Double-Boiled Snow Pear with Golden Fungus and Red Dates, helping to refresh the palate at the close of a filling feast.

The other Mid-Autumn Set Menu, priced at RM398++, features Hot Plate Barbecue Fish (with Estuary Tiger Grouper, Abalone Cubes, Grass Prawns, Fresh Huai Shan, Enoki Mushrooms, Homemade Tofu, Coriander and Shantou Salted Vegetables); Sichuan-style Roast Chicken; Sauteed Scallops with Asparagus, Lily Bulbs and Pickled Cabbage; Home-Style Fried Lamian with Sakura Shrimp; Steamed Matcha Cake; and Double Boiled Bamboo Bird's Nest with Gingko Nuts and Barley.

Many thanks to Tai Thong for a peek into these once-a-year delights, upholding the brand's tradition of culinary excellence.

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