Sweet Passion Premium Cakes: Delightful desserts for Aidiliftri & special celebrations

March 26, 2024


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If you're craving cakes, cookies and beautiful bakes for Aidilfitri and beyond, for birthdays and special celebrations, check out Sweet Passion Premium Cakes - one of Malaysia's most reliable purveyors of delightful desserts.

Offering halal-certified indulgences for home delivery across the Klang Valley as well as wholesale supplies, Sweet Passion is a trusted source of sweet temptations for restaurants, cafes, convenience stores and major grocers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Based in Petaling Jaya, Sweet Passion harnesses top-tier baking ingredients from Australia, Denmark, the USA and Japan, infused with well-loved local flourishes like gula Melaka and shredded coconut.

This year, Sweet Passion is collaborating with Denmark's Lurpak butter brand to bake its Ramadan and Raya specials - the result is premium cookies, tarts and other treats with a light, crisp touch, blissful in each bite, from cakes like Apam Balik Cake and Gula Melaka Pandan Layer Cake to crowd-pleasers like Ondeh-Ondeh Cookies and Pineapple Tarts!

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For a fuss-free sampler to delight your family and friends this festive season, order the Set Muhibbah that comprises a cake, cookies and tarts.

The Pistachio Cake is luscious with layers of pistachio joconde sponge, pistachio spread and raspberry marmalade, enhanced with pistachio feuilletine for a confident crunch.

The Chocolate Chip Cookies and Almond Cookies are both absolutely addictive - crackly, chocolaty and nutty respectively, easy to enjoy enthusiastically.

The Pineapple Tarts promise richly jammy, melt-in-the-mouth comfort - a sure-fire smash hit for all your Raya guests!

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The Set Mubarak showcases the brilliant butteriness of Lurpak in the Pineapple Cakes, with pastry cubes that encase a ripe, nectarous tang, as well as Kek Lapis Surabaya.

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A wide variety of Raya-exclusive cakes are also available, eligible for bundles with several Lurpak baked specials.

The Ondeh-Ondeh Delight is inspired by the classic Malaysian kuih - pandan sponge cake lined with salted gula melaka, coconut mousseline and refreshingly silky coconut pudding, topped with sweetened coconut flakes and ondeh-ondeh chocolate truffles.

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The Speculoos Cheesecake is the choice for Biscoff enthusiasts - a creamy cheesecake generously garlanded with speculoos for Biscoff in every bite!

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The Nutella Red Velvet Cake is a marvellously moist red velvet sponge cake, reinterpreted with a crunchy hazelnut chocolate spread and cream cheese frosting. Also try the Double Fudge Nutella Chocolate Cake, decadently fudgy with a crisp hazelnut chocolate spread.

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The Raya seasonal cakes can be packaged together with Sweet Passion's Lurpak Special Edition, a collection of Lurpak-loving cake, tarts, and cookies - Pineapple Tarts (400g), Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies (300g) and Marble Pound Cake (350g, scrumptiously soft and tender with sumptuous swirls of chocolate).

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Other Raya goodies include Ondeh-Ondeh Cookies (crumbly with a captivating santan-strong kick) and Almond Florentine Crisps (loaded with lots of almonds, pumpkin seeds and honey). 

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Other cheerful Raya offerings for merry munching include brownies in three fun flavours (fudgy brownies, blueberry cheese brownies and crunchy cookie brownies), plus lamington cakes in a trio of classic strawberry, nutty chocolate or pandan and gula melaka varieties.

Sweet Passion's admirers also adore the Lemon Drizzle Pound Cake, brightly citrusy with lemon zest, lemon glaze and lemon juice, intensely imbued into a butter cake base.

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Other irresistible options to uplift the festive spirit include Sweet Passion's inventive Apam Balik Cake (laced with banana, pandan and gula melaka), Gula Melaka Pandan Layer Cake and Gula Melaka Chocolate Fudge Cake.

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Bringing colour to every celebration, Sweet Passion caters to all preferences and occasions. 

Chocolate devotees will desire the Wicked Black Forest Cake and Chocolate Banana Paradise Cake. Fruit-favouring friends will fall for the Berrilicious Lychee Cake, Fruity Fromage, and Queen Victoria's Secret with a mixed berry spread atop vanilla sponge, chantilly and cream cheese frosting. Cheese-chuffed chums will be charmed by the Salted Macadamia Cheesecake, New York Baked Cheesecake and Mango Chilled Cheesecake. Trendy youths will be excited by the eye-catching Over The Rainbow Cake and Heavenly Unicorn Cake, both vanilla-based with a sweet and sour strawberry mousseline.

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Sweet Passion’s tarts and cookies are also tantalising - tarts come in vibrant varieties like apple crumble, mango, blueberry, speculoos, strawberry or macadamia, while giant cookies of chocolate chip or oatmeal assure absolute satisfaction.

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For convenient snacking, three-inch mini cakes in any of Sweet Passion's signature flavours can be ordered in advance, as well as Swiss rolls and trifles - making Sweet Passion our one-stop online destination for everything our sweet tooth might seek.

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