Suru Omakase: Stellar sushi & sparkling specialities in a starry setting in Solaris Dutamas

June 15, 2023

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Sparkling in the heart of Solaris Dutamas, Suru Omakase is a starry setting for stellar sushi: This is a supremely stylish omakase restaurant, its black cave-inspired space illuminated by a shimmering ceiling that evokes stars glittering in the night sky.

For omakase aficionados, Suru Omakase combines a captivating ambiance with compelling culinary attractions. We visited recently to relish its Chef's Special Menu, spectacularly showcasing butter-poached lobster to seared otoro with truffle slices, harima oysters to hairy crab crowned with uni, Miyazaki A5 wagyu beef to kinmedai sushi with foie gras. 

Fun fact: Suru Omakase's ambiance is so alluring, it has even won the Atap Design Awards for Best Restaurant & Bar Design, recognised for interior design and architecture excellence.

Click above to watch our video on Suru Omakase.

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Suru Omakase's entrance slides open to reveal an elegantly dimmed passageway lined with paintings, leading to its darkened dining counter with a gentle glow. It's a spectacular space to spend an afternoon or evening, feasting on the season's finest seafood, meat and vegetables.

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The Chef’s Special Menu - Kasumi (RM988) - currently kicks off with an Appetiser of nagaimo (Chinese yam) and sweet corn, transformed into a pleasurable puree, decadently topped with butter-poached lobster and ikura, bringing together the treasures of land and sea.

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Sashimi surfaces in a swirl of mist, juicy with akagai (blood clams) and chutoro (medium-fatty tuna belly), luscious with the pure, pristine flavours of the ocean.

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Suru's current Seasonal Dish is sensational - seared otoro, the fattest cut of the tuna belly, buoyed with yuzu truffle sauce, caviar and truffle slices.

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The Agemono fried temptation is a gem - harima oyster with avocado mayonnaise sauce, showered with Parmesan and truffle zest for a Japanese treat with modern Italian inflections.

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The Cold Dish is a commanding duet of kegani (hairy crab) mingling with uni for a beautifully sweet brininess, capped with caviar for show-stopping harmonies of taste and texture.

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The Foie Gras Mousse is another winner, wonderfully layered with bafun uni in a crisp goma tartlet for a melt-in-the-mouth burst of sheer indulgence.

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Suru Omakase pours pride and precision into its sushi courses - the ever-evolving selection includes nuanced possibilities that showcase scintillating skill, such as scallop topped with yuzu skin and ikura; kampachi with barley miso; chutoro with kizami wasabi salsa; otoro with engawa and sesame; and kinmedai made enjoyably elaborate with foie gras, truffle caviar and gold dust; wrapping up with a sea urchin hand roll.

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The Hot Dish ensues with top-grade Miyazaki A5 wagyu, prepared perfectly medium-rare, complete with charcoal salt and bearnaise sauce that complement the beef confidently.

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The soulful Soup soothes the soul with a base of red miso, brimming with shijimi akami (Japanese basket clams).

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Dessert lifts our spirits with a cool coupling of Japanese musk melon, nectarously ripe, paired with the fruity, milky kick of blueberry yogurt ice cream.

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Suru Omakase
D2-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas (Publika), Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 11:30am-2:30pm, 6pm-10:30pm. 
Tel: 010-533-6633