Super Boring Club: KL's Korean-Japanese BBQ & izakaya, with monumental platters, massive bone marrows & more

July 2, 2023

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Super Boring Club is one of the city centre's most unique restaurants: Fusing imaginative Korean and Japanese inspirations with fun, flair and flamboyance, SBC represents both a contemporary BBQ specialist and a cool izakaya, serving lively recipes in a playful setting.

More than four years after our first visit to SBC, we returned recently to this memorable space on Mesui Road to check out its current menu, expanded and elevated with everything from grilling platters packed with top-tier beef, meat and seafood to a la carte specials like massive bone marrows and kimchi hotpots, plus tapas-style small plates and value-for-money sets.

If you're craving creative East Asian concoctions, revitalised with vibrant produce and vivid flavours, hearty and soulful, the SBC fan club welcomes you to be its newest member. Bonus points for the sincerely thoughtful service at this pork-free venue.

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Step right in: SBC's alfresco area is an oasis in KL's commercial core, a serene sanctuary to soothe the spirit, with lots of fresh air under the leafy shade. Inside is illuminated with manga-manic illustrations and neon lights, a hip space for hot BBQ sustenance.

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Stellar for sharing, Super Boring Club offers a variety of BBQ combo platters, each with a curation of choice meat and seafood, influenced by Korean BBQ and Japanese yakiniku.

The Happy Combo (RM188) is ecstasy for carnivores - Japanese A5 wagyu beef in its prime red-meat glory; Argentinian whole squid with a natural, full-bodied bounce; Japanese scallops with cheese; lamb 'char siu'-style, sweet and savoury; smoked duck, plump and juicy; and succulent thick-sliced salmon with a luscious foie gras sauce. 

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The meat and seafood are richly marinated and seasoned, making for moist textures and mouth-watering, lip-smacking flavours, matched with memorable sauces to suit the sultry smokiness of the char-cooked protein. This is the perfect combo for a celebration, a charming change from conventional K-barbecue cuts - variety and value are the spice of SBC's BBQ.

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Customers with less ravenous appetites can order individual portions of items from the platter, like four slices of Salmon with Foie Gras for only RM45, plus other a la carte servings such as the top-grade Japanese Wagyu A5 Premium Sankaku (RM200 for 150 grams). 

The Sankaku is a superb cut for yakiniku, nicely balanced between marbling and muscle, neither too lean nor too fatty, temptingly tender with a smooth luxuriousness of flavour.

Other BBQ beef selections include Australian Black Angus and Beef Tongue, Argentinian Short Ribs and Japanese Wagyu A5 Sirloin, Marukawa, Kamenoko and Shin Shin.

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A caveman-worthy slab of Bone Marrow (a bargain for RM45) is SBC's latest and greatest offering, irresistibly roasted, with the bone beautifully browned, the marrow softly spreadable.

Scrape the gloriously gelatinous marrow off the bone, slide it into the spiced dipping sauce, then snack on it with crusty buttered toast, tinged with truffle oil and shio kombu. 

The result is indulgently sinful, sumptuous and scrumptious. Bone marrow buffs, bookmark it.

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SBC's Kimchi Hotpot (RM88) takes the traditional Korean stew to the next level, brimming with the bounty of the sea, spanning fresh squid, clams, octopus, prawns, yaki chikuwa fish cakes and abura-age beancurd in a heavyweight hotpot. If you're super-hungry at Super Boring Club, this is the spicy, steaming temptation to try, a championship knockout to share.

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For lighter meals or starters to sample, SBC also serves small plates of Japanese and Korean-influenced fare in Spanish tapas-style fashion.

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SBC's Salmon Tataki (RM30.80) does delightful justice to torched salmon, delicately winsome even on their own, delectably wonderful with mentaiko sauce and yuzu kosho, Possibly one of our favourite salmon recipes of 2023.

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The Yummy Lamb (RM28.80) lives up to its description - pan-fried sliced lamb, intensely seasoned with herbs and truffle oil, uplifted with fragrantly aromatic garlic coriander oil.

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Truffle Mushrooms (RM28.80) emerge exactly as promised - pan-fried king oyster mushroom with butter and notes of truffle, mild and mellow, elegantly earthy.

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Wagyu Fried Rice brings together carbs and protein in a powerhouse bowl, garlicky and grainy, rounded out by robustly punchy chunks of wagyu beef. Addictive to the last spoonful.

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Perfect for workday lunches, SBC serves sets like the Garlic Chicken Set (RM26) - deep-fried chicken with a runny egg and Japanese-style mustard soy garlic sauce, complete with soup, seasoned vegetables, fruits and your choice of kimchi or cucumber. Add RM2 for a beverage: green tea, asam boi, or honey yuzu.

Other sensational sets include Salmon Tataki, BBQ Angus Beef, BBQ Wagyu A5 Beef, Premium Beef Patty, Seafood Kimchi Udon, Mixed Seafood BBQ, Super Vegetable and Spicy BBQ Chicken.

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SBC's main courses are so monumental, we barely have stomach space for dessert, but the Holy Crepe (RM26) is divinely decadent - freshly made pancakes of plump pleasure, softly stuffed with ice cream, fruits, cream and peanuts.

Keep a carafe of Oolong Tea at the table, served sangria-style with sliced fruits for citrusy-bright, reviving sweetness to complement the floral sunniness of the tea.

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Alcoholic quenchers are an SBC highlight too, paying homage to Japanese cocktail culture with perky potions like the Honey Lime Highball and Lychee Sake, the ideal after-work treat.

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Well-lit private rooms upstairs are also available for intimate special occasions.

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Super Boring Club
15, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Monday-Thursday, 12pm -2:30pm, 6pm-10pm. 
Friday, 12pm-2:30pm, 6pm-10:30pm. 
Saturday, 1pm-10:30pm.
Sunday, 1pm - 10pm. 
Tel: 010-665-5277