Stay-Home Cooking #14: Sang Har Mee by Cooking Ah Pa

April 16, 2020

If you're planning a home dinner for an im-prawn-tant occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary, Cooking Ah Pa shows us to prepare Sang Har Mee - noodles with freshwater prawns - taking us through his process patiently and clearly, perfect for crustacean cravings.

To make Sang Har Mee, Ah Pa-style, you'll need the following:

Yee mee (preferably pre-fried egg noodles that can be bought at the supermarket)

Sang har (river prawns) - split into half, with tomalley kept intact

Chinese cabbage

Green onion (regular onion can also be used)

Young ginger (old ginger can also be used)

1 tbsp of chopped garlic

Pork broth or chicken stock

Hot water


Soya sauce

Fish sauce

Shaoxing wine

White pepper



Pork lard (optional)

Pork crackling (optional)

Begin with the base by pouring peanut oil on the wok, plus the lard and crackling if you have them. Add the ginger, garlic and white parts of the spring onions; saute for about a minute.

Once the fragrance is released, add the prawns. Stir-fry for a bit, then add the pork or chicken stock broth as well as hot water.

Add about 2 tbsp of soya sauce, then some fish sauce, followed by a bottle cap's worth of Shaoxing wine. Bring everything to a boil.

Once the base boils, it should turn orange thanks to the prawn tomalley. Take out the prawns, which should be white and cooked.

Add salt and sugar, then the vegetables; stir a bit. Now add the noodles and let them soften in the broth. Once they're supple but not soggy, add your onions and mix a little.

Turn off the fire. Mix 2 or 3 tbsp of corn starch with twice the amount of water, then slowly add it to the wok. Add enough starch to get your preferred consistency; Ah Pa likes it thick, so he adds a second portion. After you have enough, crack an egg into the wok.

Stir it a little, and add the prawns back in. You're ready to serve!

The original video can be found here. If you enjoy these recipes, subscribe to Cooking Ah Pa on YouTube to stay up to date - Ah Pa is a friendly and straightforward cook, and the videos are wonderfully easy to follow.

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