ss15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya: Nostalgia Raya

May 17, 2019

If nostalgic memories define the Aidilfitri experience for you, Subang Jaya's ss15 Courtyard mall will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, set up with an old-school movie ticket booth and classic posters of 1960s P. Ramlee films. This blast-from-the-past backdrop from a bygone era is both lovingly crafted and beautifully sentimental, representing the neighbourhood's most photogenic place right now.

The Nostalgia Raya theme is buoyed by shopping bonuses like Raya money packet redemptions as well as workshops for Raya cookie making and gasing and batik painting, ondeh-ondeh giveaways, and even performances by magicians and clown balloonists.

While enjoying Ramadan and Raya at ss15 Courtyard, here are several recommendations for pork-free restaurants where families and friends can come together to celebrate this meaningful season with a memorable meal.

Sushi Tei

Sushi might not be the first food we think of for Raya, but many Malaysians now increasingly choose Japanese fare as one of their favourites. For those customers, Sushi Tei is a worthwhile destination, with a fresh selection of specialities from a limited-time promotional menu that lasts only until July, including the Sashimi Moriawase "Edajima" (RM49.80; an engaging choice of crowd-pleasing raw seafood, comprising a lusciously glistening quartet of striped horse mackerel, butterfish, salmon and red prawn, at a very fair price for three persons to share) and the Aji Goma Age (RM22.80; also shining the spotlight on horse mackerel as the fish of the moment, this time deep-fried to a fleshy crisp and coupled with mint sauce).

Naturally, sushi is a cornerstone of Sushi Tei, which has even implemented a Chef's Challenge that showcases specialities conceived by Sushi Tei chefs in different branches. These illustrate the ultimate sushi rolls for the brand's capabilities, including the Salmon to Maguro Truffle Maki (RM29.80; salmon and tuna with aromatic truffle slices, a lovely marriage of sea and earth) and Ebi Salada Maki (RM19.80; topped with a seafood salad of prawn and fish roe).

Sushi Tei's menu is encyclopedic, so there's truly something for everyone, from snack-worthy deep-fried delicacies like Chikuwa Cheese Age (RM23.80; Japanese fish cakes with a mozzarella filling and sweet-and-sour sauce) and Shirauo Karaage (RM18.80; Japanese icefish with rice and seaweed) to the soulful, heartwarming Asari Jiru (RM17.80; asari clam soup, also only available until July).

Jibby Chow

Jibby Chow is one of ss15 Courtyard's most popular picks - it's consistently packed for buka puasa, so it's best to book a table here as early as possible.

If hot and hearty cooking is your culinary love, check out the Mongolian-inspired wok-tossed Australian lamb ribs with pickled chillies and cucumber ribbons, supplying saucy, savoury and sink-your-teeth-into-this succulence for carnivores (RM40).

For customers who crave crustacean comfort, pair a princely portion of mud crabs saturated in a robust chilli sauce and egg drop (market price; pictured here is a 500-gram portion - add mantou for RM7) with Jibby Chow's signature Cantonese-style crab meat fried rice (RM19), washed down with a no-worries Mo Man Tai Mint (RM12; soda water with crushed mint leaves, lychee and lime).


Korean stalwart Hanbing has recently updated its menu, so fans of this brand can return for a fix of fresh-faced temptations from this reliable restaurant, right on time for Ramadan and Raya.

For playful Korean pleasures, there's plenty that sparks joy at Hanbing, including the Wings Sampler (RM46.80; a dozen lip-smacking chicken wings, the epitome of one of Malaysia's best-loved Korean treats, with three wings of four flavours each - Tangy Citron, Explosive Honey, Burning Spicy and Savoury Soy) and a duo of kimchi treats - the Kimchi Dumplings (RM10.80; deep-fried mandus stuffed plumply and unmistakably with kimchi) and Kimchi Garlic Fries (RM19.80; loaded crinkle-cut kimchi fries with chicken bits, for that prime partnership of carbs and protein), ideal when you're seeking something to share for communal celebrations.

Hanbing has long been known for bingsu, so complete your visit with cool concoctions like the ironically named, cleverly created Bonfire (RM26; S'mores Snow Ice with Oreo cookie crumbs and marshmallows, crowned with morsels of Nutella torched and melted for a campfire-evoking dessert - this is a limited-time flavour, so hurry here) and the Strawberry Snow Ice Cheese (RM28; laden with cheesecake bits for an ingenious coupling of shaved ice and cake).

Mr. Dakgalbi

A Korean restaurant that's assuredly halal, Mr. Dakgalbi promises solid sustenance that remains steadfastly loyal to Korean gastronomic tradition. If you're new to dakgalbi, this is the ideal introduction to this popular dish, a staple in Korea for more than five decades.

Dakgalbi sets are the cornerstone of the menu - stir-fried marinated chicken served in a rich sauce created with gochujang chilli pepper paste, partnered with sliced potatoes, rice cakes, cabbage, onion and leeks. Choices include the Cheese Ring Dakgalbi (RM65; appropriate for two to three persons), which adds a ring of cheddar and mozzarella to the outer rim for stretchy-cheesy goodness. You can even add on extra ingredients, costing between RM8 to RM13 - like prawns and mussels - to customise your dakgalbi, which is served with refillable banchan sides of lettuce, radish and kimchi.

Beyond dakgali, round out your feast with the Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice (RM18; stir-fried rice with sliced chicken marinated in sweet soy sauce) and Seafood Pancake (RM18; crispy egg pancake with squid, prawns, bell peppers and spring onions) for a soulful taste of Seoul.

Boost Juice Bar

Wholesome and reviving, Boost will bolster your well-being throughout Ramadan and Raya - exclusively for the fasting month, until June 4, from 5pm to 9pm, patrons can enjoy extra fruit or an add-on at 50 percent off when you purchase an Original-sized Mango Tango Crush, Mango Lychee Crush, Berry Crush or Watermelon Lychee Crush (RM10.50 for any of these flavours). These thirst-quenching juices blended with sorbet and ice are a great get for customers who plan to break fast on the move or bring home for their families.

Sip on sheer satisfaction for the Berry Crush (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and apple juice), Watermelon Lychee Crush, Mango Tango Crush, and the latest Boost flavour, Mango Lychee Crush.

Village Grocer

For shoppers, Village Grocer promises plenty of hampers to give as Raya presents or to thrill your loved ones. Prices range from RM150 to RM350, with goodies such as pineapple tarts, butter cookies, dark chocolate, Nutella, serunding, natural honey, sparkling juice, Nescafe, and more. You'll also find an assortment of kuih raya and festive decorations for the home or office.

ss15 Courtyard Nostalgia Raya Promotions

All in all, there are tons of tasty reasons to spend time at ss15 Courtyard this Raya. Note that if you spend a minimum of RM100 within two receipts on the same day, you can redeem an exclusive pack of five Raya money packets here. If you spend RM200 within two receipts on the same day, you can redeem a Raya canister as well as the Raya money packets.

Many thanks to ss15 Courtyard for having us here.

ss15 Courtyard

Jalan SS 15/4g, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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