ss15 Courtyard: Korean Autumn Festival, 26-30 September 2018

September 23, 2018

From K-pop to Korean barbecue and desserts, ss15 Courtyard celebrates the vibrancy of Korean culture and food with its upcoming Chuseuk Festival (Korean Autumn Festival), set to thrill from 25 to 30 September!

With a wide range of exuberant activities - such as a K-Pop Dance Cover Competition, as well as a Mini Korean Fair, Photo Taking With Hanbok, Large Bibimbap Demo, Kimchi Making Workshop, Gimbap Rolling Workshop, Korean Spicy Noodles Challenge and more - ss15 Courtyard is poised to be the prime destination this month for fans of all things Korean.

As we look forward to the lifestyle mall's Chuseuk Festival, here's a peek at the authentically Korean restaurants and businesses that you can also discover at ss15 Courtyard.


With more than 500 outlets worldwide, Shinmapo's credentials as a Korean BBQ specialist are unrivalled - that expertise is showcased in full force at its ss15 Courtyard outpost, which features a South Korean chef who leads the kitchen and essential ingredients for sauces and flavourings flown in from Korea.

Meals at Shinmapo are a feast - for communal sharing, the BBQ sets are the best bets, with the Ultimate Pork Set as the top recommendation, highlighting choice hand-sliced premium cuts  (RM90 for one to two persons; RM128 for two to four persons). You'll get the signature marinated pork skirt (a cut that's not commonly seen at many restaurants, but it boasts a coveted richness in both taste and texture), pork collar, pork belly, a mixed grill platter, dried pollock soup, and an assortment of side dishes that deliver a few intriguing surprises, including one made with papaya. Even the mushrooms here are marvellous, with an earthy tenderness that we'd eagerly return for.

The protein is the star, of course - Shinmapo's team will help cook the meat at your table, ensuring that its full juiciness is intact and that you can consume it at its ideal temperature. The scent of the preparation is irresistible, whetting our appetites for the full-bodied robustness of the pork. 

Each cut that we sampled was top-notch, thickly portioned to illustrate its lusciousness; the team will also guide you on flavour pairings - perhaps the succulent pork collar would be best partnered with the sweetly punchy pineapple, for example.

Purchase a BBQ set and you can add on selected items for a reduced price, like the signature Kimchi Egg Crust (RM10; cooked together with the BBQ, it's perfect for omelette enthusiasts), the Volcano Fried Rice (RM25 with set purchase; an eruption of fluffy whisked egg over a mountain of rice), and Bbudae Jjigae, a spicy, savoury and soulful sausage stew that traces its lineage to the Korean war (RM15).

Other BBQ sets at Shinmapo include the Mixed Seafood Platter and the Beef Platter, suitable if you're seeking a respite from pork. Quick set lunch sets are available at the RM30-RM40 price point; these would be cooked in the kitchen for faster service, featuring temptations like the Hot Pot Bibimbap, Fish Cutlet Rice Set, and the Cold Noodle Set & Mini Pajeon.

As for liquor, there's the Korean rice wine of Makgeoli as well as a line of beers and soju, but the Seoul Train Soju Bomb is the most striking of all, served with flamboyant theatrics, made with a bucket of beer and two bottles of soju (RM138 if you take Tiger; RM158 for Heineken). The perfect party drink.

Mr. Dakgalbi

Mr. Dakgalbi is another prolific brand that has earned a solid reputation across the globe, promising the spicy Korean stir-fried experience in a casual, cheerful space. It wears its Korean identity proudly, extending to everything from its decorative flourishes to its tableware.

Couples can choose the Dakgalbi 2 Pax Set for the quintessential Mr. Dakgalbi experience, bringing together tender chicken with a combination of onions, leek, cabbage and potatoes, plus Ottogi-brand ramyeon, fried rice and cheese for RM66. Hot and hearty, seasoned and sumptuous.

The rice and the noodles will be served with gochujang, Korean's equivalent of a chilli sauce, cooked once the chicken is ready. The cheddar-mozzarella cheese mix is prepared in a ring around the grill, complementing the spicy zing of the main meal. Non-spicy options are available too.

It's completely addictive; we found ourselves easily polishing off every spoonful. 


Bustling with customers throughout business hours, Hanbing shows proficiency in multiple levels of Korean cuisine, though it's best known for its #BestBingsuInTown. In this series of six shaved-ice treats there's a flavour for everyone, from the kids to the young at heart.

For patrons who prize classic East Asian flavours, the Injeolmi Snow Ice (RM24; with Korean rice cakes) and Green Tea Snow Ice (RM24) convey the taste of tradition; for others who crave contemporary playfulness, the Oreo Snow Ice is the cutest, most charming of them all (RM24).

Fruity fun can be relished with the colourful Strawberry Snow Ice (RM28), Mango Snow Ice (RM24) and Blueberry Snow Ice Cheese (RM26), layered with fresh pieces of each wholesome fruit and a delicate, distinctive sauce - the ultimate invigorating refreshment for the Klang Valley's sultry afternoons. Everyone will have their favourite; ours is the blueberry!

Since Hanbing is widely known as a Korean dessert cafe, some folks might be surprised to see an extensive selection of hot fare here. We're happy to report that Hanbing's kitchen does justice to this spectrum of specialities too - hearty dishes that'll satisfy the palate include the Kimbap Kimchi, the Korean version of a sushi roll (RM12.80), Korean Chicken Salad (RM16.80), the indulgently creamy Spicy Cheese Topokki (RM33.80), the soul-warming Seafood Ramyeon (RM25.80), and the Table-Cooked Topokki and Fish Roe Seaweed Fried Rice (RM42.80 for a tasty, textured triumph; sufficient for two to three persons).

Korean Hair Shop

Beyond Korean food, visitors to ss15 Courtyard can also pamper themselves with a session at the Korean Hair Shop, helmed by Min Sung Jun, who's been a professional stylist for more than 20 years. After four years in Malaysia, he has developed a strong following among both his fellow Koreans as well as Malaysians.

The Korean Hair Shop is thoroughly equipped with the latest technology, housing Korean-built perm, heat and scalp treatment machines. Customers can also opt for premium hair products, including the MudMasta series and the Merwin Gold Label series. Snacks are served here too, with a choice of beverage (espresso, coffee, orange juice, or green tea).

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