SoYoung launches latest store, serving Japanese-inspired soy milk sensations at The Exchange TRX

February 12, 2024








SoYoung, Malaysia's prime purveyor of Japanese-inspired soy milk drinks and desserts, has launched its latest location at The Exchange TRX.

This is the KL city centre's first store for SoYoung's soy milk beverages, beancurd treats, bingsu, gelato and more, all relying on grade-A, non-GMO Canadian soybeans (the world's top-tier soybeans, significantly healthier than regular soy milk).

Indulge in prominent, powerful soy milk flavours with thick, smooth textures: SoYoung has been certified with the Highest Viscosity Commercial Soy Milk recognition by The Malaysian Book of Records!

You'll find a vast variety of SoYoung's original soy milk recipes at The Exchange TRX, with a nutrient-rich protein content that's about 10 times higher than regular soy milk!

This is naturally real food, with no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or colouring - perfect for health-conscious customers, including people who typically shun soy milk because of gout.

For a fast, fuss-free refreshment, sip on SoYoung's Crafted with Love Drinks series, satisfyingly thick and creamy with interesting ingredients:

White Magic (RM12.90): Premium original soy milk

Mango, Womanstay (RM17.90): Original soy milk with mango pulp 

I Love You So Matcha (RM17.90): Original soy milk with Shizuoka matcha

Taro Therapy (RM16.90): Original soy milk with taro paste and original konjac pearls

Coco Bobo (RM14.90): Original soy milk with brown sugar and konjac pearls

Coffee Beannie (RM14.90): Original soy milk with Colombian coffee and grass jelly

The Silky Smooth Tonyu Bean Curd comes in combinations such as Original Soybean Curd (RM8.90; with Bentong ginger maple honey), Pandan Soybean Curd (RM9.90; with gula Melaka) and Black Soybean Curd (RM10.90; with pandan maple honey).

For the beverages and beancurd, customers can add on a wide range of toppings for just RM2.50 each, spanning brown sugar konjac pearls to U.S. almonds, adzuki red beans, taro balls, sweet potato balls and many more. 

Soyoung Old.jpgSoyoung Old 2.jpgSoyoung Old 3.jpg

Also try the Nigari Tonyu ToHua in fun, crowd-pleasing flavours: Taro-gather (RM12.90; with taro puree and mini QQ balls), Bling Bling (RM12.90; with peach gum and brown sugar konjac pearls) and The Trio (RM13.90; with sweet potato, barley and grass jelly). 


SoYoung is also popular for its Assorted Low Sugar Cakes, such as the Meiji Milk, Twinnings Earl Grey, Oh My Oreo, Hokkaido Burnt Cheesecake and more, including: 

Lotus Cheesecake (RM17.90; with a blend of French cream cheese, caramel chiffon cake and Lotus Biscoff cookie base, topped with a Biscoff cookie)

Charcoal Caramel (RM19.90; with bamboo charcoal powder and creamy caramel filling, topped with Callebaut Chocolate Crispearls)

Royal Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake (RM18.90; moist and fluffy chocolate chiffon cake with a 75% Callebaut Finest Belgian dark chocolate filling)

Mango Tango (RM18.90; mille-crepe with mango compote filling, lined with lacy crepes filled with whipping cream, topped with mango jelly)

Raub Musang King (RM29.90; with custardy Musang King durian puree layers)

Purple Rhapsody (RM19.90; vibrantly purple with naturally purple sweet potatoes, subtly sweet with a soothing earthiness) 

Luscious Taro Dream (RM17.90; Taiwanese Dajia taro-filled soy milk chiffon cake)

Veneto Tiramisu (RM19.90; Elle & Vire mascarpone cream cheese with delicate coffee chiffon layers, topped with a touch of cocoa powder)

The Fluffy Roll Cakes series comprises:

Soymilk (RM24.90; with a premium Japanese soymilk base, rolled around swirls of whipping cream)

Tokichi Matcha (RM31.90; with a light and mildly sweet swirl of fresh Japanese matcha cream filling)

Oreo O’ (RM27.90; everyone's favourite cookie and cream flavour, with crunchy cookie bits)

Dark Chocolate (RM29.90; 75% Belgian dark chocolate roll cake, combining dark chocolate sponge cake with whipping cream)

Earl Grey Oriental Pearl (RM29.90; airy and spongy, with a lovely fragrance and citrus flavour from bergamot, embedded with chewy brown sugar konjac pearls)

SoYoung also makes its own bingsu with charmingly creative soy milk flourishes:

Snowy Shirayuki (RM19.90; Japanese soy milk bingsu with soy milk foam and three toppings of choice)

Beary Malacca (RM24.90; gula Melaka bingsu with soy milk foam, adzuki red beans, U.S. almonds and sweet potato balls)

Moo-Moo Is Not Late (RM20.90; Belgian chocolate bingsu with soy milk foam, brown sugar mochi, brown sugar konjac pearls and grass jelly)

Cat-cha! Matcha (RM24.90; matcha bingsu with soy milk foam, soy okara biscotti, original konjac pearls, matcha balls and adzuki red beans)

Deerly Bambi (RM23.90; English Earl Grey bingsu with soy milk foam, brown sugar mochi, brown sugar konjac pearls and U.S. almonds)

Mango Quackery (RM26.90; Manila mango bingsu with soy milk foam, original konjac pearls, grass jelly and sweet potato balls)

Even the Waffle Weyffle Waffle Waffuru series of crunchy waffles is made with soy milk:

Soybean Belgian Waffle (RM28.90 with classic gelato, RM31.90 with premium gelato; served with maple syrup and a scoop of gelato)

Ole Ole Ondeh (RM29.90 with classic gelato, RM32.90 with premium gelato; served with gula Melaka syrup and a scoop of gelato)


SoYoung's gelato can also be ordered on its own, starting at RM13.90 for a scoop of Classic Gelato and RM16.90 for Premium Gelato.

The Classic Gelato range includes Japanese soy milk; yam + Japanese soy milk; matcha + Japanese soy milk; Oreo + Japanese soy milk; and black sesame.

The Premium Gelato range includes Manila mango + Japanese soy milk; salted egg + Japanese soy milk; Lotus Biscoff cookies + Japanese soy milk; 75% Belgian chocolate + Japanese soy milk; yuzu + Japanese soy milk; and Musang King durian + Japanese soy milk.

SoYoung, The Exchange TRX
C.O5.05, Concourse Level, The Exchange TRX, Persiaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, 55188 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Daily, 10am-10pm.

SoYoung Headquarters
2, Jalan Simfoni 1, Seri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor.
Open Daily, 11am-10pm.