Soy Asahi Salted Egg Instant Sauce: Malaysia's easiest way to make salted egg sauce at home

October 5, 2021

If salted egg is your favourite flavour, Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce is the easiest way to enjoy savoury, creamy richness at home - toss it with pasta, splash over salads, spread on burgers and sprinkle on fries to bring an immediate boost to your family's meals.

This cafe-worthy sauce comes in convenient packets of powder that require no cooking or heating - simply mix it with evaporated creamer.

The Soy Asahi Salted Egg Instant Sauce is one of various versatile sauces made in Malaysia by Soy Asahi, a brand that has consistently supplied ingredients to restaurants, fast food joints and cafes throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Even if you haven't heard of Soy Asahi before this, you've certainly tasted their products in many eateries.

After supplying to the food industry behind the scenes for over two decades, Soy Asahi is now ready for the public spotlight, bringing their products straight to consumers' homes. Order online at:

Official website: soyasahi.com.my 

Soy Asahi will be offering a special three-day promotion on Friday, 8 October, to Sunday, 10 October, on its online store, as well as Shopee and Lazada. Buy RM10 worth of Soy Asahi products to receive free 30g Cheese Taste Blaster worth RM3.50!

Soy Asahi has secured GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification, as well as HACCP certification, to assure customers of food safety throughout its preparation, processing and packaging. Its products are halal-certified and have ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications too.

It only takes a few steps - barely two minutes - to make this salted egg sauce.

1. Pour out a packet of Soy Asahi Salted Egg Instant Sauce powder into a bowl. 
2. Pour in a can of evaporated creamer. 
3. Whisk both together until they are completely blended. 

That's it - you’re done! 

If you like your sauces hot, you can mix the powder and creamer over a stove. Evaporated creamer is recommended, though you can substitute with evaporated milk, fresh milk or plain water if necessary.

The result: Premium-tasting salted egg sauce, primarily meant to cater to cafe customers. It's thickly textured, dripping from the spoon with a satisfying bloop. It's potent and punchy in taste, perfectly recreating what people love about salted egg sauce.

Each packet of Soy Asahi Salted Egg Instant Sauce costs RM11.50 - this is more than sufficient for multiple dishes, making it an economical choice for households with large families. If you operate a cafe, a single packet can easily be enough for an entire busy afternoon.

Extra sauce can be refrigerated in an airtight container. The packet is resealable too for future use.

We found it fun to sample Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce with different dishes.

Of course, it's a natural choice for lip-smacking pasta, making the spaghetti slick and slurp-worthy.

If you're snacking on something while watching TV, such as battered squid rings, Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce is a delight for dipping and dunking, offering a luscious contrast to the fried crunchiness.

Trying to encourage your kids to eat their vegetables? Add some of Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce for a fuss-free dressing! It has a pleasant kick with its sweet-salty punch.

Salted egg yolk burgers? Totally irresistible! If your burger tastes too bland or boring, Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce will jazz it up just right.

You can even shower the powder as a special seasoning for fries - absolutely addictive; no salt or pepper needed.

All in all, Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce is successful enough to intrigue us about its other products, ranging from stocks to condiments, from Japanese Katsu Curry, Spicy Karaage Sauce and Takoyaki Mix to the Mochi Mix, All Purpose Chocolate and Pound Cake Mix. 

You can also find Soy Asahi's Salted Egg Instant Sauce and other Soy Asahi products in major supermarkets like Jaya Grocer and Lotus's, as well as bakery ingredient stores and fresh grocers.

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