So Tinge: Our favourite Malaysian-made fruity soda for Chinese New Year celebrations

February 6, 2024

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Make your Chinese New Year celebrations extra-bubbly with So Tinge, our favourite fruity soda made in Malaysia with Spritzer natural mineral water!

Each bottle opens with a fizzy pop to reveal five fun flavours: Peach is the star of this season; try the Lemon Citrus, Apple, Watermelon Lychee and Grape too to bring variety to your table!

These carbonated refreshments taste light, clean and smooth, with no added sugar or artificial colourings. They contain naturally healthful silica and are lower in calories than most sodas!

Indulge guilt-free this CNY by sharing and sipping So Tinge with your family and friends - be sure to stock up on plenty of Peach at home for your guests, best served chilled or with ice!

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So Tinge! comes in five flavours, all worth trying on their own or with your choice of herbs and garnishes!

Peach is mildly sweet and floral, with an attractive aroma that everyone can enjoy.

Watermelon Lychee is a crowd-pleaser, with a fresh sensation that sparkles on the palate!

Lemon Citrus is vibrantly zesty with a perky tang that will wake up your taste buds!

Apple has mellow hints of ripe green apples - wonderful for hot, humid afternoons.

Grape is the strongest flavour, fantastic if you crave a rich, satisfying beverage.

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These flavours brim with a bright, lively cheerfulness - the ideal drink for get-togethers!

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Stock up on So Tinge! at Spritzer-loving locations, with GWP (Gift with Purchase) promotions at these selected outlets, until February 7:

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