Simply Better: Curated marketplace with community group-purchase discounts

May 24, 2021

From cakes to coffee beans to Chinese herbs, bedsheets to body wash, claypots to cutting boards to cutleries, Simply Better brings together a top-quality range of lifestyle products from carefully chosen merchants on an online platform that's a breeze to browse and a pleasure to purchase from.

This marketplace offers a bargain-hunter's twist to the experience: Every purchase on Simply Better counts as part of a group purchase that ultimately leads to a substantial discount, earned through a like-minded community.

Let's say a bottle of kombucha needs 10 purchases to trigger a 23% discount. If you buy two bottles and other customers buy eight, everyone enjoys the group discount. Simply Better lets you know how near or far you are from the discount, with group purchase prices locked in at 4pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

Check out simplybetter.life and take a peek at some of their offerings below.

Simply Better has painstakingly put together products sourced from entrepreneurs who pour their heart into their work.

These include food and beverages with a wholesome perspective, such as SHEAbrew’s Malaysian home-brewed Apple & Elderflower Kombucha (standard price RM13; group price 23% off). Pop it open to be soothed by its floral fragrance, with the full-bodied flavour of ripe apples in each sip of this small-batch effervescent drink.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we're gratefully covered by KIMINO’s Ringo Sparkling Juice (RM13; group price 15% off), made with handpicked Fuji Ringo apples from Japan's Aomori region, whole-pressed with Hyogo mountain water. It’s a remarkably refreshing low-calorie drink, with the flavour of fresh apples flowing through what feels like a clean, crystal-clear beverage.

We're also happy to wake up to the granola goodness of GanTan Kitchen’s home-made GMO-free granola. GanTan's Brownie Granola (RM26; group price 11% off) is a brilliant blend of rolled oats, rice puffs, dried blueberries, cashews, chocolate chips and desiccated coconut, with a touch of Himalayan salt and pure honey. Crisp and nutty, free of added sugars and artificial flavouring, it goes great with milk for the whole family's fast, fuss-free and fulfilling breakfast. 

You can store the granola and other treats in WECK’s MOLD 743 multipurpose jars (RM28; group price 20% off), crafted from 50% to 70% recycled glass to withstand extreme heat or cold.

These German-made, Martha Stewart-featured jars are dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe, BPA-free with no added chemicals in their production, so you can easily use them to keep cookies, overnight oats and more. For elegant serving in a jar, try WECK's TULIP 744. 

We also like the look of the TINY Round Ceramic Stackable Mug (RM25.90; group price 10% off), a high-fire stoneware mug with an easy-grip, wide squarish handle. It's stackable for convenient storage if you buy in bulk, sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Our 400-ml mug came in Sage Green with a freckled matte finish for a lovely character; it also comes in Pink Belacan, Lumut, and Light Grey.

Moving from the kitchen into the bathroom, Simply Better offers Mandi’s brand of premium bath and personal care products for luxury in hygiene.

The Velvet Dunes Body Wash (RM39.80; group price 25% off), a co-creation with a Swiss fragrance house, blends aloe vera and seaweed for an exquisite sheen and slickness that's soap-free and pH-balanced to curb skin sensitivities for normal skin. Soothing and softening skin, it pampers the senses with its scintillating scent and sensibilities, produced with high-grade, silicon-free ingredients. 

Mandi's Sereni-Tea Toothpaste (RM19.80; group price 25% off) is the rare toothpaste that promises an exceptional taste experience, with a refreshing medley of mint and green tea to leave your palate feeling peppy, fluoride-free and rich in natural minerals, with a buttery-soft, gentle texture.

Simply Better's non-edible catalogue extends to bags, kitchenware and home living, reaching the bedroom too.

Make your sleep better with Kapas Living’s Bedsheet Set (RM189; group purchase 20% off), a local brand that takes pride in honestly priced bedsheets, without middlemen and markups. The sheets are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning they're free of harmful substances at all levels of processing, including formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance for anti-wrinkle treatments. These 100%-cotton bedsheets prove you won't need a 1,000-plus thread count for sheer comfort. 

Navigating Simply Better is simple, with Categories and Brands to browse - you can even shop by Lifestyles, offering sections like Health & Wellness, Nordic Living, Artisans, Breakfast Served, and Sweet Tooth to suit your needs. 

Selection and checkout are all intuitive, with various payment methods, including cards, FPX and Grab, supported.

Simply Better handles all deliveries - no matter how many different brands you choose, you only pay one delivery fee. Standard delivery is RM7.50, every Wednesday and Saturday. Next-day delivery costs RM9.50 for orders completed by 4pm (though some items might be ineligible for next-day delivery). 

Note that you can still enjoy group purchase discounts even if you choose next-day delivery! If your product hits the threshold for group discounts by 4pm on Monday and Thursday, you'll secure the discount even if you've already received the products - Simply Better only makes the charge for payments on Wednesday and Saturday.

Simply Better lives up to its name throughout its range. A platform with plenty of potential, it's barely half a year old, but it's expertly run by two professional app developers who are exploring innovative possibilities, including a potential try-before-you-buy feature. Expect to also see Simply Better at markets and bazaars once the Klang Valley reopens.

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