Shu DaXia celebrates its 4th anniversary with spin-and-win prizes, plus a lucky draw for a trip to Chengdu & more

December 6, 2023

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Celebrate Shu DaXia's fourth anniversary by dining in, winning instant spin-and-win prizes, and participating in a lucky draw for a trip to Chengdu and other remarkable rewards!

From now until 31 December 2023, head to Shu DaXia's restaurants at Jalan Tun Razak, Bandar Sunday, Sri Hartamas or Genting Highlands' Resort Hotel to savour a hot pot feast and take part in the fun!

Just spend RM218 or more to spin a wheel and win the in-store prizes, which include cash vouchers, complimentary dishes, premium tote bags and haircare gift sets.

If your spending exceeds RM500, you can spin the wheel twice! 

To participate in the ultimate lucky draw, spend a minimum of RM218, write your name and contact number at the back of the receipt, and simply drop it into the lucky draw box at the cashier's counter by 31 December 2023.

Winners for the ultimate lucky draw will enjoy prizes such as a trip for two to Chengdu, inclusive of round-trip airfare and accommodation, or a RIMOWA suitcase, or Hermès Calvi card holder, and more! Winners will be announced 5 January 2024 on Shu DaXia's Instagram and Facebook pages.

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The Spin & Win campaign lets you spin the wheel after your meal to win one of these prizes:

1. RM50 cash voucher
2. RM20 cash voucher
3. FREE Triple Pot soup base
4. FREE dishes
5. Shu DaXia's Knitted Tote Bag
6. CHER’S-MAS Gift Box (Shampoo & Conditioner)

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Then, pop your receipt into the lucky draw box to stand a chance to win the following:

1st Prize: A 4D3N trip for two to Chengdu, including round-trip airfare and accommodation, as well as a meal at the Shu DaXia Chengdu restaurant for lunch or dinner.
2nd Prize: RIMOWA ESSENTIAL LITE Cabin Suitcase.
3rd Prize: Hermès Calvi card holder.

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Other lucky draw winners stand to win these special prizes: 

One year of free meals at Shu DaXia Klang Valley & Genting worth RM4,800.

Jo Malone limited edition Christmas Cracker.

MAC Cosmetics Thermo-Status Best-Sellers Kit (Holiday Limited Edition)

CHER’S-MAS Gift Box (Shampoo & Conditioner)

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We love returning to Shu DaXia's spectacular settings, inspired by ancient Chinese inns and pavilions. The details in the various outlets are magnificently intricate, brimming with pillars, signboards and floor tiles crafted in China, plus picturesque portraits of martial arts characters from the wuxia novels of Jin Yong.

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If this is your first time at Shu DaXia, start with a Triple Flavoured Pot, featuring a trio of Classic Sichuan Mala Soup, Mushroom Soup and Golden Sour Spicy Soup.

Complement your meal with these recommended ingredients:

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Tai Chi Mashed Shrimp

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Premium Sliced Beef

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Marinated Pork Ribs (Mala)

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Hero Mala Tender Pork Slices

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Signature Potato Noodles & Handmade Noodles 

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Taiwan Sausage, Chinese Cabbage, Crown Daisy & Spinach

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Amber Ice Jelly

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Visit Shu DaXia at Jalan Tun Razak, Bandar Sunday, Sri Hartamas and Genting Highlands' Resort Hotel.

Shu DaXia Klang Valley Reservation Link: Click here 

Shu DaXia Genting Reservation Link: Click here

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