Sham Shui Po @ Hong Kong

March 13, 2017

A stroll through the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood takes travellers to down-to-earth corners of Kowloon, promising a taste of working-class Hong Kong. Start with breakfast at Kowloon Restaurant, a classic cha chaan teng, where locals can be spotted ordering the iconic offerings of giant pineapple-shaped buns & tongue-scorching milk tea.

Youll work up an appetite with this walk - keep hunger at bay with smooth rice noodle rolls complemented by a medley of delicious gravies & sauces at the perpetually bustling Hop Yick Tai.

Next, something light - A1 Tofu Company serves one of the most satisfying bean curd desserts weve ever had, boasting a beautiful taste & texture, best enjoyed with ginger sugar syrup.

 Is it time for lunch yet? Duck into one of the numerous roast meat purveyors for siu yuk & sliced pork knuckle with rice.

Also worth a stop: Lau Sum Kee, a time-honoured destination for traditional egg noodles, firm with a real bite, proudly made according to the restaurants half-century-old recipe, sprinkled with briny-sweet powdered shrimp roe.

Save the sweets for last: Popular Chinese bakery Eight Angels, where folks flock for fresh, crunchy walnut & almond cookies.