Saigon Bowl brings classic & contemporary Vietnamese crowd-pleasers to Kajang

December 15, 2023

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From the art of pho to the craft of hot pots, Saigon Bowl brings classic Vietnamese soulfulness to a contemporary Malaysian setting in Kajang. 

This is the first Klang Valley outpost for Saigon Bowl, which runs halal-certified restaurants in Penang. The Kajang branch is applying for halal certification.

After nearly a decade in Penang, Saigon Bowl has fine-tuned its flavours to match the recipes of an authentic Muslim-friendly restaurant in Vietnam, harnessing halal-sourced ingredients.

From pho with beef or chicken, relying on 100% rice flour noodles with no added oil, to shrimp cakes and spring rolls, plus treats like a Vietnamese coffee-based shaved ice dessert, Saigon Bowl satisfies Vietnamese food cravings from start to finish.

And if it's raining, remember to visit Saigon Bowl - the restaurant now offers a 22% discount for hot pot dine-in orders on drizzly and stormy days!

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Pho is a pleasure here - patrons have a choice of Vietnamese flat rice noodles, Vietnamese bihun or instant noodles. The flat rice noodles are silky-smooth with a full-bodied bite, made to be more wholesome with no added oil.

The Pho Beef Combo (RM21.90) is a sensational sampler of tenderloin slices for succulence, brisket slices for a nice chew, and beef balls for a textured bounce.

We love the broth, slow-cooked with beef bones and 11 different herbs for at least five hours - it tastes herbaceous and harmonious warming the soul wonderfully. The pho comes complete with lime juice on the side for extra zest and a sambal dip with a spicy punch.

The Pho Chicken Combo (RM16.90) comes with sous vide chicken breast, chicken slices and chicken balls. The sous vide chicken is moist and juicy, a testament to its perfect preparation, served in a choice of clear, rich chicken broth or spicy lemongrass chicken broth.

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If you prefer a comforting meal of rice, meat and soup, munch on the Milky Chicken with Rice and Soup (RM17.90) - this is a smash hit for all generations, especially children, with the meat bathed in a savoury-sweet caramel sauce with a tropical tang. A terrific rice bowl.

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For a starter or side to share, snack on the Saigon Bowl Platter (RM21.90), a scrumptious sampler of crowd-pleasers: Sugarcane shrimp cakes (a medley of shrimp paste and fish paste, steamed, then deep-fried), crispy spring rolls (plumply packed with chicken, black fungus, glass noodles and vegetables) and fresh spring rolls (bursting with prawns, chicken breast, glass noodles and vegetables), plus peanut sauce. Absolutely addictive. 

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Here with a few friends or family members? Order the Seafood & Beef Family Pot (RM69.90), nice for two to three persons, though single-person portions are also available.

This is a lovely hot pot with choices of broth like spicy lemongrass chicken, aromatically appetising, complementing the tenderloin beef slices, tiger prawns, clams, fish balls, chicken balls, ring rolls, mushrooms and vegetables. Other broth options include signature beef broth, signature chicken broth and vegetarian broth.

Fun fact: Exclusively on rainy days, Saigon Bowl offers 22% off for hot pot dine-ins!

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For dessert, the Vanilla Pudding is soft, smooth and soothing, nectarous with palm sugar (RM4.90), while the Sweet Cassava Roll boasts a crunchy, crackly coating and a creamy, earthy centre (RM8.90).

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For a unique temptation, try the Snowflake Vietnamese Coffee (RM9.90) - this is newly introduced on Saigon Bowl's menu, showcasing coffee-based shaved ice for melt-in-the-mouth snowiness, with a robust coffee flavour, laced with lychee and grass jelly. It's a fun way to have coffee and dessert together in one serving - a chilled refreshment that will delight fans of Japanese kakigori and Korean bingsu, with a Vietnamese caffeine twist!

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If you love the distinctive delight of Vietnamese coffee with its powerful hit, sip on the Vietnamese Egg Coffee (RM9.90; mixed with egg yolk and condensed milk, fragrant with a decadent texture) and Iced Vietnamese Coffee (RM7.90; luxuriously balanced with milkiness).

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For a calming, relaxed experience, the Vietnamese Lotus Leaf Tea (RM5.90) uses Vietnamese-sourced lotus leaf tea, with the scent of beautiful blossoms and a gently bittersweet aftertaste.

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The Alphonso Mango Yoghurt Shake (RM13.90) is a young-at-heart beverage that's irresistible for kids of all ages - this harnesses prime South Asian mangoes at their peak ripeness, thick but not overly icy, marvellous for mango enthusiasts.

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Saigon Bowl-4.jpgSaigon Bowl 

13, Jalan Raja Haroun, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 
Daily, 11:30am-9:30pm. Tel: 016-426-0692