Roberto’s: Bangsar's Italian-run osteria is a haven for pizzas till midnight, Tuscan wines & happy hour cocktails

May 27, 2024

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From morning to midnight, Roberto's remains Bangsar's bustling restaurant where Italian inspirations are always abundant.

Lunch on powerful pastas, linger for happy hour cocktails from 3pm to 7pm, then dine on oven-fired pizzas paired with top Tuscan wines. 

Whether you're craving Italian cold cuts and cheeses to share, fritto misto for a seafood feast, or a Venetian Aperol spritz to sip, Roberto's has it all and more.

Founder Roberto, operations director Paolo and executive pizza chef Ciro, all from Emilia-Romagna, recently welcomed another Italian to Roberto's - manager Laura, who hails from Treviso near Venice. 

Together, they assure Italian authenticity, from the restaurant's menu to its service.

Fun fact: This is the original Roberto's, having launched in Bangsar Shopping Centre in October 2020. Since then, Roberto's has opened two more outposts in Tropicana Gardens Mall and NU Sentral.

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Roberto's in BSC is brilliant for a breezy alfresco meal - casual and cheerful, leafy and lively, vibrant and vivacious, in a spacious setting that evokes a resort escapade with a modern poise and polish. Find your favourite corner, then make yourself comfortable for a terrific time.

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Roberto's is perfect for families and friends to come together, with plenty of pleasures to share.

Tagliere e Formaggi (RM128) is a beautiful board of cold cuts and cheeses - a pork-free selection of multiple meats, including beef, veal, turkey and duck, plus regional cheeses.

The board boasts bresaola, beef salami milano, smoked veal ham, smoked turkey ham and smoked duck, all with a savoury, earthy depth of flavour.

Cheese enthusiasts will enjoy northern Italy's Grana Padano, Veneto's Asiago and Lombardy's gorgonzola, each with its own unique character, taste and texture.

This colourful board comes complete with fried focaccia, artichokes, capers, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, marvellous for munching.

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Roberto’s Fritto Misto (RM72) is a flagship platter - a hearty heap of batter-fried seafood such as fresh squid, oysters, tiger prawns, whitebait, half-shell scallops and cuttlefish, plus zucchini too - addictively crispy, rounded out with a creamy tartar dip.

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For something lighter, try the Beef Carpaccio (RM58) - Angus beef, smooth and sumptuous in delicate slices, topped with rocket leaves, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and streaks of mustard sauce for zing and zip.

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Fans of seafood pastas, bookmark Roberto's for your favourite dish.

Seafood Spaghetti (RM76) brings a boat's bounty of tiger prawns, squid, scallops, cuttlefish, clams and mussels - crave-worthy crustaceans and molluscs, sweetly thick and tangy with San Marzano tomato sauce, plus a pinch of chillies for extra punch.

Salmon and Asparagus Tagliolini (RM46) is a delightful duet of fresh salmon and smoked salmon, lined with asparagus for a juicy crunch to enhance the tender tagliolini.

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Roberto's serve pizzas all the way to midnight daily - for a late-night pizza fix, this is the place, showcasing nearly two dozen varieties of classic and contemporary pizzas. We could sample a different pizza here everyday for three weeks!

The BSC (RM58) is the namesake pizza to represent this Bangsar mall - a triumph of tasty toppings, generously garnished with smoked turkey ham, beef sausage, porcini mushrooms, scamorza cheese, mozzarella and tomato sauce. 

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We're also fans of Roberto's Calzone (RM48), comfortingly hot from the oven, folded with a rich, robust filling of smoked turkey ham, champignon mushrooms and artichokes, luscious with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

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Main courses span seafood to meat. Seabass al Cartoccio (RM68) conveys the traditional Italian style of baking in a pouch-like parcel to seal in the essence and moistness of the ingredients. This is the ideal way to relish the seabass fillet, parchment-wrapped with black olives, shallots, potatoes and cherry potatoes to combine the potent flavours of ocean and land.

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Chicken isn't a cliche here - the kitchen serves a gorgeous Galletto al Forno (RM68), a whole spring chicken, succulently roasted to a golden brown, aromatically glazed in notes of honey and truffles, cushioned with capsicum and eggplant caponata for a balanced ensemble.

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Don't skip dessert - Semifreddo al Mascarpone (RM28) is a scrumptious semi-frozen mascarpone cheesecake, chilled for an icy treat, dotted with dried fruits, Bologna-origin Amarena cherries, caramel and whipping cream.

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Roberto's Panna Cotta (RM24) is house-moulded for silky, melt-in-the-mouth sumptuousness, jazzed up with strawberries, blueberries and passionfruit sauce for ripe, fruity flair.

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Happy hours at Roberto's run from 3pm to 7pm everyday - customers can relish three different cocktails (the Bay Breeze, Sunrise Gin and Roberto’s Martini) for a total of RM88, representing spectacular value before sunset.

Alternatively, the Aperol Spritz (RM44) promises the time-honoured potion of Aperol with Prosecco and an orange wedge, transporting us in spirit to the Grand Canal of Venice.

Bonus: All these cocktails are served with focaccia and a house-made dip during happy hours!

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If you're searching for top-tier Italian wines, Roberto's is your destination - its range includes the Brunello di Montalcino, crafted with 100% Sangiovese to earn Italy’s highest DOCG classification, and other Tuscan vintages that represent the country's most revered vineyards.

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Roberto’s 1020 Osteria
G109 & GK3, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Daily, 11am-12am. 
Tel: 017-394-8050