Rinjin Shokudo launches latest location for comforting Japanese cooking in Subang Jaya

January 9, 2024

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Comforting Japanese home-style cooking comes to Subang Jaya: After six years in Bukit Jalil, Rinjin Shokudo has launched its second branch, bringing a new range of heartwarming meals to more customers.

Rinjin Shokudo's latest outpost introduces lovely recipes that harness lots of locally sourced fresh seafood, complemented by Cameron Highlands vegetables and fruits cultivated through Japanese technology.

Through it all, Rinjin Shokudo preserves its philosophy of offering uplifting meals for busy patrons. The brand's founders themselves suffered from stress and health issues born of their hectic advertising career before meeting a Japanese master chef who inspired them to infuse mindful eating into a more fulfilling life.

If the city's constant crunch is crushing your spirit, nourish your soul with Rinjin Shokudo's signature ichiju sansai, a mix-and-match medley of one main course, two side dishes and one soup with Japanese rice. 

For longtime fans of Rinjin Shokudo in Bukit Jalil, check out this Subang Jaya venue for a variety of recipes exclusively available here for now, including Aji Furai, Mustard Mayo Pork Hamburger Steak and Piri Kara Nasu.

Also try the takes on timeless, traditional fare, such as the Kaisen Okonomiyaki, Rinjin Oden and Gyoza Miso Kimuchi Nabe, prepared with the patient care and thoughtful effort of skilled chefs.

Everything tastes honest and nurturing, pure and satisfying - Rinjin Shokudo lets its ingredients shine, from the natural juiciness of seafood and meat to the vibrant crispness of vegetables. never overpowered by sauces and seasonings.

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Rinjin Shokudo's Subang location is comparatively more spacious, comfortably catering to 80 customers, with plenty of sunshine streaming into this warm-toned setting of wood and bricks.

Since opening in December 2023, it has fast become a community favourite, lined with charming, colourful paintings by local illustrators to convey a welcoming sense of home.

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The ideal introduction to Rinjin Shokudo is the Ichiju Sansai concept of customising your plates to suit your preference.

For the main course, possibilities include the new Aji Furai (RM36.90 per set), seamlessly blending Malaysian produce with a Japanese culinary perspective.

The marvellous mackerel is sourced from local waters for top-tier freshness, butterfly-cut to Japanese techniques. Conveniently for customers, the fish bones are removed before it's fried with Japanese-imported namo panko breadcrumbs.

The result: A remarkable fish dish, clean-tasting with a full-bodied flavour, confidently crisp bite and moist, mouthwatering chew. Rest assured, it's not overly oily, fishy or greasy at all!

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The Mustard Mayo Pork Hamburger Steak (RM35.90 per set) showcases Rinjin Shokudo's own pork patties, hand-crafted with local high-quality pork, laced with nagaimo Japanese yam, blanketed with torched mustard mayo rice. The patty is practically perfect - thick and tender, tasty and textured, pleasurably packed with genuine meat instead of filler, slathered in a rich, creamy sauce with a punchy kick.

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The Piri Kara Nasu (RM26.90 per set) is for customers craving meat-free choices. Representing Chuka Ryori - the Japanese adaptation of Chinese cuisine - this gorgeously grilled Black Pearl eggplant is succulently plump and fleshy with small seeds, sumptuously soaking up a luscious sweet-sour sauce. Delicious enough that even carnivores can sink their teeth into this!

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Wide-ranging side dishes include Ebi Chawanmushi (RM5.90 a la carte, with a RM1.90 surcharge if part of a set) - not our conventional chawanmushi, this is layered with a pouring of shoyu ankake on top for silky-smooth umami, crowned with a princely fresh prawn.

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The Tako Su (RM5.90 a la carte, with RM1.90 surcharge in a set) is also an attractive appetiser - a seafood salad of bouncily boiled baby octopus, delicately dressed in bonito-infused soy sauce with vinegar, complete with seaweed, cucumber and sesame seeds, worthy of a seasonal omakase-style restaurant.

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Also reviving the palate, Hiyashi Tomato (RM5.90 a la carte, with RM1.90 surcharge in set) are lush, chilled Cameron-grown Japanese Sakura tomatoes, subtly marinated in yuzu-infused sauce, shimmering with a citrusy brightness to buoy the tomatoes' ripe sweetness.

Tororo Natto (RM6.90 a la carte, with RM2.90 in a set) are the classic Japanese fermented soybeans, firm and aromatic, topped with freshly grated mountain yam for sublime simplicity.

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If you're here with loved ones, sample the sharing platters like Kaisen Okonomiyaki (RM19.90) - channelling the inspiration of everyday Japanese street fare, this steamy, savoury pancake of cabbage, onions and milk batter is crisped to convincing perfection, loaded with local seafood, tangy with a lemon squeeze, bringing a taste of Shibuya to Subang.

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The Rinjin Oden (RM26.90) evokes the slow-simmered sustenance of wintertime in Japan - this Kanto-style oden is painstakingly brewed with bonito broth, an assortment of Japanese fish cakes, vegetables and more, embracing an ensemble of soul-warming ingredients.

One of the stars of this oden is the handmade fukubukuro (lucky bag), containing a springy stuffed surprise of pale-white mochi, glutinously absorbing the flavours of the soup through the cooking, great with a mix of mustard in the broth.

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The Gyoza Miso Kimuchi Nabe (RM22.90) marries Japanese and Korean influences - pork dumplings, once again completely handmade in Rinjin Shokudo's kitchen, with a meaty filling in thin, tender skin, submerged in a spicy broth of miso and kimchi, for an addictive East Asian hotpot stew that many fans will regularly return for. Bookmark this for rainy evenings.

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Rinjin Shokudo is a family-friendly restaurant with a kids' menu that includes the Kids' Onigiri Set (RM16.90) - flavourful furikake rice balls, cheerfully served bento-style with handmade chicken meatballs, tamagoyaki and vegetables. Even adults will be tempted!

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Cafe-hoppers can chill out with Rinjin Shokudo's Cold Brew Caramel Milk Coffee (RM15.90 a la carte, RM12.90 as a set meal add-on). This flagship drink is a caffeinated delight, indulgently splashed with creamy caramel and milk to enhance the soothing cold brew coffee.

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The Specialty Brewed Flower Tea (RM13.90 a la carte, RM11.90 as a set add-on) furnishes floral, fruity fragrances.

The Chamomile Tea will relax and rejuvenate, imbued with the antioxidant-loaded goodness of freeze-dried orange and strawberry, while the Apple Rose Tea is meant to maintain beauty, elevated with the nectarously herbaceous essence of rose and freeze-dried apples.

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Rinjin Shokudo @ Subang Jaya 
Lot 3, SS13/4, Subang Jaya Industrial Estate, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Daily, 11:30am-9pm. 
Reservations / Contact: 011-1311-5382
Menu: linktr.ee/rinjinshokudo