Rightside: KL's feel-good purveyor of plant-based fast food, featuring burgers, tacos, soft-serves & more

July 5, 2023

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Rightside brings the bright side of plant-based pleasures to KL, crafted by passionate food alchemists who transform meat-free produce into mouthwatering marvels.

Recently launched in Mont Kiara's 163 Retail Park, with a smaller space in Sri Petaling, Rightside marks a new beginning for the brand formerly known as Amazon Vegan.

Featuring feel good fast food that harnesses mainly pea-based alternative proteins, Rightside strives to be inclusive for everyone, showcasing burgers and sliders to tacos, soft-serves to shakes. More outposts and kiosks are expected across the Klang Valley.

Rightside conjures its crucial components in-house for its ZeroBeef, ZeroLamb and ZeroChicken creations, complemented with vegan-friendly sauces, completely animal-free.

We visited Rightside for its grand launch in 163 Retail Park, where the brand has set up a contemporary diner-style eatery with a cheerful crimson charm. 


We like Rightside's look, bright and inviting, casting a casual, fun light on meat-free dining while ensuring it's affordable and delicious for everyone.

Throughout Rightside's menu, patrons can customise their choices with ZeroBeef, ZeroLamb, or ZeroChicken for their preferred taste and texture.

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First, we checked out the Double Smash ZeroBeef (RM14.90), hearty to chomp on, comprising two smash ZeroBeef patties, layered with vegan mayo, melted vegan cheese, caramelised onions, bell peppers, sauteed mushrooms, fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes in fluffy vegan buns.

The patties work well for a plant-based version, tender to the bite, with a savoury umami to the chew. The vegan mayo and cheese infuse bursts of sweet-saltiness in a rounded burger. 

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The Little Vegans (RM24.90) are a young-at-heart trio, spotlighting all three of Rightside's different proteins - ZeroBeef, ZeroLamb and ZeroChicken.

Ideal for snacking, sharing and sampling, these mini burgers will charm children of all ages - petite versions of Rightside's big burgers, complete with vegan cheese and mayo, caramelised onions, mushrooms, fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

Everyone will have their favourite protein - ours is probably the ZeroChicken, the most tender of the three, with a distinct flavour that comes satisfyingly close to actual chicken.

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The Philly Cheesesteak ZeroBeef (RM21.90) turns ZeroBeef into a succulent minced 'steak' with a crisp crustiness, slathered with gooey melted vegan cheddar, showered with caramelised onions in a toasted vegan butter hoagie roll that holds up impressively nicely. The classic cheesesteak with a plant-powered twist!

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Time for tacos: We relished the Tacos Double ZeroLamb (RM17.90 for two tacos), hard-shell tortilla crunchiness stuffed with ZeroLamb mince, creamy house-made guacamole, vegan cheese and mayo. Super-convenient for takeouts, since the tacos are easy to eat on the move.

Finish on a fabulous sweet note: Rightside's soft serve (RM3.99) is sugar-free and dairy-free - an impressively impeccable soft serve with a lush, rich texture, available in a choice of vanilla or coconut flavour.

Shakes are also dairy-free with no added sugar - triumphantly thick, these are terrific for fulfilling our milkshake fix (fun fact: they're particularly popular among Mont Kiara's gym-goers as a post-workout treat).

Slurp on the shakes in a crowd-pleasing selection of Nutty Shake (RM14.90, with peanut butter, malt and coconut cream), Strawberry Cream (RM14.90, with pea milk and fresh strawberries) or Chocolate Baby (RM14.90, with Belgian chocolate, pea milk, vegan honey).

Zero-calorie sodas are available for health-conscious customers - the Rootie Soda (RM5; resembling root beer), Carbonated “Honey” (RM5; a honey-style soda) and Cola Amazon (RM5; the alternative Coke).



Patrons can also purchase Rightside's plant-based products to bring home to your household.
Unit GF-02, 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 11am-9:30pm. Tel: +6012-207-0786
Email: [email protected]